Legs out for the Summer? #AD

May 29, 2019

I’m not one for getting my legs out much. Mainly because I’m so pale and pasty that whenever I do, there’s always some smart Alec cracking jokes about milk bottles or being blinded by the sun reflecting off my skin.  

I’ve never really used fake tan on my legs as I worry I’ll look like a tangerine, and of course I’m conscious of the dangers that the sun presents, so my liberal application of factor 50 keeps my legs their natural, pasty white. 

I wore lots of dresses in the heatwave that we had last summer, but typically all of the photographs I can find only feature the top half of my body and at least one child! So, I’ve had to dig out some old holiday snaps to show you my legs in all of their translucent glory!

One thing that I have done to help me get my legs out more often, though, is have laser hair removal treatment. I had it done years ago, and I’m so pleased that I did as it’s hugely cut down the amount of time I need to spend on self care. Which is just as well, as now that I have two small children, there’s very little time available in my life for that anyway!

When I had my laser hair removal treatment, I was told that it works best on dark hair and fair skin, and that I could expect around 70-80% of the hair to be removed permanently. I had five treatment sessions on my legs, underarms and bikini line, and I would say that the results were in line with what was suggested.

Now, obviously I’m not saying that women should have to rid their legs of hair to be able to display them to the world. I think women should be able to dress how they like and be as hairy (or not) as they would like, without anyone else passing judgement or comment. However for me, personally, I like to have smooth legs if I’ve got them on display.

Before having laser hair removal, I felt that I had to shave my legs every day that I had them out, to prevent dark stubble showing.

Since having the treatment, I’ve found that not only are most of the hairs permanently removed, but the ones that I do have are fairer, finer and less noticeable.

The last time we visited Center Parcs for the weekend (and obviously went swimming every day), I shaved my legs on the Thursday evening before we went, and didn’t need to bother doing them again until after we got home. When you’re being constantly disturbed in the shower by the sound of two small people demanding your attention, this is the kind of low-maintenance body care that’s needed, in my opinion!

Laser hair removal wasn’t a particularly cheap hair removal option at the point of payment, but prior to that I was regularly having my legs waxed by a beautician, so it’s saved me a lot of money in the long term. It’s also dramatically reduced the number of ingrown hairs that I’ve experienced, which is always a plus!

There are so many good points to laser hair removal, that the positives definitely outweigh the cost implications. Added to the fact that there are often offers to be found to reduce the cost, it’s a really good hair removal option. I certainly don’t have any regrets about having the treatment, and since it’s been done I’ve been much more confident to get my legs out for the summer – in all their white, pasty glory!

Thinking about laser hair removal? This is my personal experience of the benefits of laser hair removal treatment.

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