Dear M, Tomorrow you are three…

May 22, 2019

Dear M,

I’ve just been reading back the letters that I wrote to you on your first birthday, and when you turned two. I’m so glad that I’ve written them, not just for you to read when you’re older, but as a record for myself. It’s such a pleasure to be able to look back on them and remember what you were like at those milestones in your life, and thinking about the person that you’re growing into.

It’s amazing to think that just one year ago you were just beginning to put two or three words together to communicate your ideas, when yesterday you said to me: “Mummy, we need to water the plant that I made at preschool, because otherwise it won’t grow!” You are constantly surprising us with increasingly complex sentences, which show off your understanding and learning.

Speaking of preschool, you started at ‘your school’ just a few weeks ago and you have settled in brilliantly. The staff clearly think you’re ace (because you are!) and you are happy, polite and friendly, and always ready to try any and every activity on offer. I love going to pick you up as your little face lights up when you see me, and you tell me all about what you’ve been up to with such excitement and vigour (although of course you are your father’s child, and always start with the most important information of all; what you ate at snack time!).

I think you enjoy preschool so much because you love practical activities. You ask me most days if we can get the tuff spot out or do some crafting. You also love books. Your favourite thing to do while dinner is cooking, is to snuggle up on my lap and share some stories. The perfect activity when you’re feeling tired towards the end of the day!

B is fourteen months old now, so unlike when you turned two, you are now completely used to being a big sister. You haven’t always found it easy having a baby sister around. However, now that B is bigger, you are clearly starting to enjoy having a constant play mate at your disposal! B loves it when you make her cups of ‘tea’ and give her slices of ‘cake’ to eat, all at your play kitchen. You love running around in the garden together, and it was lovely watching you giggling at each other as you took it in turns to blow raspberries yesterday.

Another of the many things that I love about you is the way you take your responsibilities as a bit sister seriously. You are always ready to share a snack with B, or remove something from her grasp, explaining to her that it is a ‘choking hazard!’ You are starting to let her play with ‘your’ toys, although this is still sometimes a bit too much of a stretch for your good nature!

Your main interests are still clothes and shoes (you have very clear ideas about what you want to wear each day!) but you are also very interested in dinosaurs, Thomas the Tank Engine and pretty much any story by Julia Donaldson, although you particularly like The Gruffalo and Zog. You’ve recently discovered Cosmic Kids Yoga and enjoy copying all of the yoga poses.

You’ve grown up so much in just the last couple of weeks; it must be your preparation for turning three! We started potty training the week before you started at preschool, and you’ve taken to it with such a sense of responsibility. The staff at preschool are amazed that you go to the potty unprompted, empty your potty into the toilet, and wash your hands independently. Our next step is to get you using the toilet instead of the potty, but you recently informed me that you don’t want to do that yet!

As well as all that, you also asked for your cot to be turned into a ‘big girl bed’ a couple of weeks ago. You’ve coped with this transition brilliantly, taking it all in your stride. Your daddy and I are very grateful that you wait until the sun has come up on your Gro Clock, before you get up in the morning!

You are such a loving little girl, and it makes my heart sing when you climb into my lap and tell me that you love me. You love combing and styling my hair with clips and enjoy asking me to try out different styles in your hair, too. Now you just need to keep your clips and bobbles in your hair for more than ten minutes!

M, you are such a pleasure to be around, even when you drive me crazy by dismantling things or emptying boxes or drawers to explore, usually just as I’m trying to serve dinner or get us all ready to leave the house! You make me laugh and smile every single day and I’m so, so grateful to have you in my life.

I can’t wait until tomorrow, when we can celebrate your third birthday together.

Lots of love, Mummy xxx

A letter to my daughter on her third birthday.

2 responses to “Dear M, Tomorrow you are three…”

  1. Donna says:

    How is she three?! Happy birthday M! What a beautiful person she has grown to become. It’s been a pleasure watching her grow x

    • Jules says:

      I know, it’s gone so quickly! I feel like I’ve barely blinked since she was born, and I have a feeling I’ll blink again and she’ll suddenly be six! She is so excited for tomorrow, bless her! x

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