Intimina Lily Cup Compact Menstrual Cup Review {AD}

July 3, 2019

I’ve written about my first experience of using a menstrual cup (warning: major oversharing!) and about how I’m now a bit of a menstrual cup convert. I kind of thought that I only really needed one menstrual cup in my life, until I was asked to review the Intimina Lily Cup Compact B.

Intimina Lily Cup Compact Review

Intimina Lily Cup Compact – Size

The Intimina Lily Cup Compact is a collapsible menstrual cup, which comes in two sizes (A and B). I was given the slightly larger size B to review, as it’s designed for post-baby pelvic floors. The Lily Cup Compact B has a diameter of 45mm and a height of 58mm. Its capacity is 23ml, which makes it ideal for a light to medium flow. I used it during the latter half of my period, whilst experiencing a light flow, and had no issues with leakage at all.

Intimina Lily Cup Compact Review

The Collapsible Menstrual Cup

The feature that really stands out for me about the Lily Cup Compact B is that it’s collapsible. It also comes with its own protective case. Even though I’ve now switched from disposable menstrual products to sustainable ones, I’ve been carrying around a couple of tampons in my handbag, just in case mother nature should decide to visit while I’m out and about.

I hate the thought of using a tampon now, though, so I’m pleased as the Lily Cup Compact means that I won’t need them anymore. Instead, I can just keep the cup, in its case, in my handbag, just in case. The case makes it discreet and will keep the cup nice and clean for when the time comes to use it.

Intimina Collapsible Menstrual Cup Review
Intimina Collapsible Menstrual Cup Case

Using the Lily Cup Compact

At first, I was a little dubious about using a collapsible cup, as I was a little worried about how to insert it. I thought there might be a chance it would collapse when I tried to put it in, and not do its job properly.

In fact, I used a C-fold to insert the cup, and found it just the same as my other cup to insert, other than being a little softer. I found the cup comfortable to wear, although I did need to trim the stem, as I have done with my other menstrual cup. Once the stem was trimmed, I couldn’t tell that I was wearing the cup.

Intimina Lily Cup Compact Review

Cleaning the Lily Cup Compact

Before use, I sterilised the cup in boiling water. When emptying the cup, I used a specialist cup wash to clean the cup before reinserting it. I’ll then boil it to sterilise again, before popping it into its case, and into my handbag for that ‘whoops, I didn’t know that was coming!’ moment!

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Disclosure: I was sent the Lily Cup Compact B free of charge, in order to complete this honest review. However, all opinions are my own.

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