Living Arrows 13/52

March 27, 2017

Mother’s Day. Not just any Mother’s Day. My actual first one as a mother. I knew instantly which photograph I would use for this week’s Living Arrows. I’m not sure if it quite follows the brief as it’s not solely of Little M, but she is in it! This photograph is of Little M, myself and my mum.

I feel so lucky to have taken this photograph. Mainly because my mum’s mum died when she was a teenager so I’ve never had a photograph with her. I’m so pleased that Little M has all of her grandparents around her. But also because I feel lucky to have my mum around me still, and get to see her as a grandmother.

Mother's Day

When I was a child, my mum was in an out of hospital on dialysis and had a kidney transplant when I was seven. Her transplanted kidney is still going strong, more than 25 years later! I can’t begin to tell you how grateful we are to the person who donated their kidney so my mum could have the life that she has. If you’re not already part of the organ donor register, please sign up. It takes less than two minutes to complete the form online.

We spent Mother’s Day at home and had both my mum and my mother-in-law round in the afternoon for a bit of cake. Then we went for a nice walk late afternoon to enjoy the sunshine. Isn’t it lovely having a bit of blue sky and sun? I don’t mind it being cold at all, I just like feeling the sun on my face. In fact I prefer it to when it’s really hot in the summer. I hate being all sweaty! I even managed to take advantage of Little M having an extra-long midday nap and get out in the garden to give our little border a tidy up, as I haven’t done any gardening since I was pregnant (and Little M turned ten months last week!). Needless to say, it was getting a bit overgrown and straggly as I hadn’t cut back any of the dead growth from last summer. It’s looking a lot better now!

How did you spend your Mother’s Day? I hope you had a lovely day, whatever you did. To those of you who couldn’t be with your mums or babies for whatever reason, I’m sending lots of love and hugs xx

Living Arrows

6 responses to “Living Arrows 13/52”

  1. I was naughty and used a picture of me and my three for this week’s post too.. it was Mother’s Day after all haha. Such a lovely photo, I bet it’s so special to have your mum around xx

  2. Donna says:

    That photo is so beautiful and I got so emotional reading your post. What a fighter your mum is! I am so glad she is there to celebrate yet another Mothers Day with you – and your first as a mother yourself x

  3. Such a lovely picture of three generations! Hope you had a wonderful first mothers day, it is so special, even more special to have your mum there too after all she has been through. x #LivingArrows

  4. Sarah says:

    What a lovely photo! I hope you enjoyed your first mother’s day as a mummy. I’ve been on the organ donor register since I was old enough, I think it’s so important. I wish we had the kind of register where you have to opt out rather than opt in. My friend’s son was born with end stage renal failure and has dialysis every night – he needs a transplant but I think they have to wait until he’s a bit bigger until they can do it. I hope he gets one and it lasts as long as your mum’s – that’s amazing! #LivingArrows

    • Jules says:

      Oh gosh, I hope your friend’s little boy gets a suitable kidney as soon as possible. Thank you for being on the organ donor register xx

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