Living Arrows 16/52

April 17, 2017

So, the Easter holidays have come to an end (sob).  Hubby and I are both back to work in school tomorrow (just the afternoon for me, thankfully) so it’ll be back down to Earth with a bump. I’m slightly worried about how Little M is going to react, to be honest.

She loves having her daddy around and is always a bit of a grump when he goes back to work after the school holidays, but this will be the first day we’ve both gone back together. Little M loves her grandma and grandpa who provide the childcare though, and I usually put her down for a nap just before I leave for an afternoon in school, so hopefully it won’t be too much of a shock for her!

We’ve had a really busy week to round off the Easter holidays! On Wednesday we spent the day at Centre Parcs as my brother was staying there with his family (Little M went swimming for the first time!). Then on Thursday, despite still being totally exhausted from several hours in the rapids with my niece and nephew the day before, we popped down to Lakeside to attend the opening of the new Next store there (more about that later in the week).

As a result, we were keen to just chill out this Easter weekend. We saw both sets of Little M’s grandparents and went for a little walk with friends on Saturday. On Easter Sunday, I had wanted to do a little Easter egg hunt with Little M in the garden. Well, I say ‘hunt’; she’s still only crawling so I was planning to scatter the eggs around out little lawn and let her crawl around to them. I had visions of taking a lovely photograph of M surrounded by eggs, with my lovely tulips blooming away in the background. What Living Arrows photos are made of, right?

Then it rained, and scuppered my plans! So instead we stayed inside and Little M examined her Easter eggs in the dry.

Easter eggs

Living Arrows

9 responses to “Living Arrows 16/52”

  1. Devon Mama says:

    I love Centre Parcs – what a great way to spend a day!! All the best days are made by unexpected changes, I think your inside photo is gorgeous – no need for tulips!! #livingarrows

    • Jules says:

      Thank you! I’m looking forward to Little M walking so I can get some cute photos of her toddling around outside – hopefully with tulips!

  2. Naomi says:

    She is so cute, what a lovely photo! #livingarrows

  3. Carolin says:

    I remember Amy’s first two Easters. She had no clue what we meant when we told her to look for Easter eggs and now there’s no stopping her. Looks like the Easter bunny didn’t make it too tricky for Little M 😉 #livingarrows

  4. Donna says:

    Ah she looks so cute with the eggs!! I hope back to work hasn’t been too hard on you all x

  5. Sounds like a perfect Easter week, I bet you’re exhausted though haha. Such a sweet photo, she looks very impressed with her collection xx

  6. I love the concentration in her face! And those pudgy arms!!!!


  7. Sarah says:

    It sounds like a you’ve had lovely Easter holidays. And Little M looks very happy with her egg haul, no matter how she got her hands on them! #LivingArrows

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