Living Arrows {2018} 9/53

February 26, 2018

Every week I join in with Living Arrows, a blog linky run by Donna at What the Redhead Said. The name Living Arrows comes from a poem by Kahlil Gibran; “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”, and each Monday I share a photo of M and a bit about what we’ve been up to the previous week.

This week we’ve stepped up sorting out the nursery. I’m now 35 weeks pregnant so it’s starting to feel like time is ticking on and it we don’t get sorted soon, then we risk having stuff everywhere alongside a newborn. And I can’t bear the thought of that, so it needs to be done!

On Wednesday our IKEA order arrived, so the weekend was spent building flat pack furniture. We’re really happy with the furniture in M’s nursery, so we bought another Strandmon chair and this smaller version of M’s Hemnes chest of drawers. We built the new baby’s cot bed a couple of weeks ago, so that’s already in situ. It took us quite a while to build the chest of drawers, as M loves to ‘help’. She was brilliant at handing us the right screws and dowel pieces! Her favourite thing, though, was the screwdriver, and she busied herself finding just the right hole to fit it into and refused to hand it back when we needed it!

Living Arrows - M at 21 months old

Fortunately, my camera was nearby so I grabbed this quick snap of M as her daddy was asking for the screwdriver back. You can tell she’s contemplating his request while thinking, ‘not on your nelly!’ I also love her hair in this photo. It pretty much sums up what a total mess it is at the moment! She went through a phase when she was poorly last month of twizzling her hair with her left hand, and as a result has managed to knot and pull out much of the hair on that side, leaving bald patches. So the hair on the right of her head is getting thicker and longer, while the right side of her head is fluffy, downy regrowth. It’s probably just as well the weather is so cold, and she’s wearing a hat most of the time when we’re out! She’s scheduled for a hair cut in a couple of weeks, so hopefully it will have grown a bit thicker and the hairdresser can help even things out a little bit!

A weekly photo diary of my daughter's life at 21 months old

Living Arrows

8 responses to “Living Arrows {2018} 9/53”

  1. Katy Stevens says:

    Hope the haircut goes well! I’ve booked Daisy in twice and both times ended up changing my mind!

  2. Aww that photo is so cute,she looks so cheeky! Alfie was the same when we were building the nurseru furniture – he even has his own toolbelt so he was hammering and “screwing” in screws! I love it when when they get to that stage when they want to help. #livingarrows

    • Jules says:

      It was very cute, but would have been a lot quicker if she hadn’t been there! All done now, though, and she enjoyed it.

  3. Donna says:

    It sounds like you have had such a productive week – and your pregnancy has flown by x

  4. Sarah says:

    Haha, toddlers and flat pack don’t really mix do they? Sounds like you’re well on the way to being all organised now though 🙂 #LivingArrows

    • Jules says:

      It took sooo much longer than it needed to, but she enjoyed herself! Yep, nearly there now! Just need to put the Snüzpod together x

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