Living Arrows 17/52 {2019}

April 29, 2019

Every week I join in with Living Arrows, a blog linky run by Donna at What the Redhead Said. The name Living Arrows comes from a poem by Kahlil Gibran; “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”, and each Monday I share a photo of M, and one of B, and a bit about what we’ve been up to the previous week.

Well, we’ve had quite a week! It’s been rather momentous without anything much really happening, all at the same time. I guess the main reason for that is that M started preschool on Friday. I didn’t manage to get any amazing photographs of this huge milestone as we were too busy getting ourselves sorted to get there on time, but I took this snap on my phone as we were walking home afterwards.

M only stayed for an hour and a half as it was her first session and I think the staff were worried about how she would settle in. She absolutely loved it, though, and bounced all the way home! I think she’d have happily stayed for the whole session. Her next session is this afternoon, and I think they’re planning for her to stay a little longer, but not until the end.

Other than that big event of the week, though, we’ve been staying close to home as the potty training has continued. I was almost ready to give up on Thursday as M went through half a dozen pairs of leggings as she seemed to have decided that the potty was optional! But we persevered and I’m glad that we did, as yesterday she had her first completely dry day. I’m so proud of her and hopeful that it will continue!

This week’s photograph of B is one that I took during the Cave Baby tuff spot activity that we did earlier in the week. This was B’s first proper painting experience and I think it’s pretty obvious that she loved it!

It was lovely watching her trying to use the paintbrush but this activity did become sensory pretty quickly. It didn’t take long for her to get her hands into the paint! We had to stop the activity quite abruptly when she started to eat it, though!

In other B-related news, she’s really made progress with her walking over the past week. She’s started choosing to walk to get to things rather than crawling, although she still resorts to crawling if she wants to get somewhere in a hurry! She’s also yet to stand up unaided, so she has to crawl over to something, pull herself up and then walk. I think that’s the last piece in the walking puzzle for her. Once she’s done that, she’ll be away!

We don’t really have many plans this week other than getting M to her nursery sessions and progressing M from wearing leggings and a top to leggings and a dress while using the potty. I think lifting a dress while simultaneously pulling down a pair of leggings is more of a skill than I’d really considered before! Wish us luck!

A weekly photo diary of our daughters' lives at one and two years old. This week, M starts nursery and B is getting stuck into some painting!

Living Arrows

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  1. That’s such good news that M had a great time at preschool! Hope she enjoys it again this week! x #LivingArrows

  2. Donna says:

    I’m so pleased M is loving preschool – long may it continue! x

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