Living Arrows 20/52 {2019}

May 20, 2019

Every week I join in with Living Arrows, a blog linky run by Donna at What the Redhead Said. The name Living Arrows comes from a poem by Kahlil Gibran; “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”, and each Monday I share a photo of M, and one of B, and a bit about what we’ve been up to the previous week.

This week’s photographs are a bit different as they both have me in them! One of my goals for 2019 was to get in front of the camera more, so I’ve been trying to take more selfies. And it just so happens that my favourite photos of the girls this week, are selfies that I’ve taken with them. All I can see are my terrible eye wrinkles and general lack of facial maintenance, but I’m sure that the girls won’t care about any of that, and will just enjoy having photographs of their mummy to look back on when they’re older.

B sitting on my lap, smiling into the camera.

B’s photograph was taken while M was at preschool. B firmly believes M being at preschool means that she gets to be attached to my body in some way, for the entire duration. She’s definitely happiest when she’s having a cuddle, a story or a breastfeed!

M’s photograph was taken on Saturday, when we went to the primary school fete. M’s preschool is attached to the primary school, so she was excited to go to ‘her school’ for something! Of course she wanted to have her face painted again. She wasn’t keen on the glitter, though, and asked me to wash it off when we got home! M is definitely a girl who knows what she wants.

Me with M, with her face painted as a butterfly.

It’s M’s third birthday later this week (how am I about to have a three year old?!) so I think this week is going to disappear in a flurry of birthday cake and biscuit baking!

A weekly photo diary of our daughters' lives, at one and two years old. This week, I've been taking selfies with the girls!

Living Arrows

10 responses to “Living Arrows 20/52 {2019}”

  1. Katy Stevens says:

    If I was judging your photo I would say that you look healthy, happy and have lovely shiny white teeth! I don’t see wrinkles, just a Mum having fun!

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous photos of you and your girls! They really will love seeing them when they’re older. x #LivingArrows

    • Jules says:

      Thank you. M asked me to take the photograph with her, and she loves looking through the photographs in my phone. I think it’s so important to capture these memories x

  3. Lovely Mummy and daughter photos. Hope she has a lovely 3rd birthday! #livingarrows

  4. Donna says:

    Oh I love these selfies! I used to take loads when A and T were little but I hardly take any anymore! x

  5. Sarah says:

    They’re both so cute, and these are lovely pictures of them both with their mummy. I really should try and get in the picture more often too! #LivingArrows

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