Living Arrows 26/52

June 26, 2017

Does anyone else get a hideous dose of baby brain every now and again? Honestly, I’m sitting here and I literally can’t remember anything that Little M and I did before the weekend. I know I was at work on Tuesday, but I don’t even remember much of that! On the upside, though, we had such a lovely weekend that it felt like the summer holidays had started already, so I’ll focus on that!

On Saturday, we went to Horning for the afternoon with hubby’s parents, to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday. If you don’t know Horning, it’s a village on the Norfolk broads, with a choice of pubs where you can sit by the river and watch the world go by. Hubby’s parents used to have a house on the broads themselves but moved closer to Norwich (and, handily, our house!) a few years ago, so it was nice for them to sit by the water for a while. I think they’ve missed it!

On Sunday, we met up with the other two couples from our hypnobirthing classes. We haven’t seen them for around six months, and it was so lovely to catch up with them and see how their babies have grown! We always take it in turns to host a Sunday lunch, and the family to host this time have a gorgeous labrador. Little M was a bit wary at first (as she seems to be with most new experiences!), but she soon settled in with Millie dog and was stroking her and enjoying being licked in no time!

This week’s Living Arrows photograph was taken at their house. They have such a beautiful home and underfloor heating, so no ugly radiators! This feature is now on my wish list for our forever home (along with a wood burner!). Little M and her two little friends had such a lovely time playing and peeking at each other through this glass partition.

It was so nice getting out and about and seeing friends. It’s made me realise that I spend too much time at home with Little M. I guess it’s the easy option. So I’ve resolved to try to get out more during the week. We’ve already been to the park today to play on the swings (Little M’s favourite), and this afternoon we’re off to the supermarket (not very exciting, but necessary, and Little M loves riding in the trolley). We’ll also pop in to wish grandpa a happy birthday on the way home, as his birthday is today. Now I just need to think of some new local places to visit around Little M’s nap times!

Living Arrows

8 responses to “Living Arrows 26/52”

  1. I always have baby brain – it’s a permanent state of mind! Your catch up sounds fun and yes, its easy to fall into an easy routine but so much fun to get out of it. #livingarrows

    • Jules says:

      I’m pleased that I’m not the only one! The rain has made it less fun to get out and about, so I’m thinking of some nice things to do at home!

  2. Donna says:

    Oh she is the cutest! It sounds like you are so busy at the moment but so nice to make time to catch up with people – and it looks like your little lady had a blast! x

  3. Sarah says:

    She’s so sweet – I think it is hard to get out when they’re little, especially when you have to work round naps. It does get easier when they’re a bit older and nap times get a bit more flexible though. #LivingArrows

    • Jules says:

      Absolutely! It doesn’t help that she doesn’t seem to nap anywhere except her cot now. I can’t moan about that too much though, as there was a time that she’d only ever sleep on me, and I never got anything done, or any sleep!

  4. I seem to have weeks like that sometimes, they go by so fast I can’t even remember what I did the day before! Underfloor heating sounds like bliss.. I’d love that too haha xx

    • Jules says:

      My memory is just shocking! Yep, underfloor heating is firmly on the wish list for our forever home! x

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