Living Arrows 29/52

July 17, 2017

Oh my gosh, I literally feel like it was yesterday that I was writing last week’s Living Arrows post. It’s been a real, ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ type week! I was in school teaching on Monday and Wednesday, so I suppose that made those days go quickly. It’s amazing how quickly the school day passes!

When I was a student, I remember working as a temp in a really dull office job (I’m sure not all office jobs are dull, but this one was!). I can picture myself now, staring at the clock and willing the time to pass more quickly so that I could go home. It felt like I was checking the time every three minutes! Now, when I’m at work, I probably check the time almost as much, but instead I’m checking the pace of the lesson or trying to remember the timings of the school that I’m working in that day. Before I know it, it’s time to go home and I’m marking like a speed demon so that I can get home to Little M.

On Thursday, we had our last Tiny Talk class before it finishes for the holidays. I’ll really miss those weekly sessions, and I know that Little M will too. This week we learned the signs for ‘park’, ‘picnic’ and ‘strawberry’ – all vital for Little M’s interests! Fortunately, there are two extra special holiday sessions during August that I’ve signed us up to, and I know that hubby will want to join us as, being a teacher too, he always has to miss Tiny Talk as the classes are usually term-time only.

During the week, the tuff spot that I ordered for Little M arrived (I bought this one that comes with a stand, if you fancy it!*). At the weekend, hubby put the stand together (so it must be straightforward; he’ll freely admit that his DIY and flatpack skills leave a lot to be desired!) and we got the play sand out for Little M.

Tuff spot with purple sand

Much like her fear of Sea Life Great Yarmouth last weekend, Little M was terrified to start with and clinging on to me. I’m not sure what exactly is so horrifying about a bit of purple sand in a tuff spot, but Little M seems to be scared of any new experience! As usual, though, she soon warmed up and you can see above that she is enjoying playing with her stacking cups. She particularly liked watching the sand fall through the holes in the bottom of the cups, and I used them to ‘shower’ her hands with sand, which she found fascinating. It’s so lovely watching her explore and learn.

I’m really looking forward to trying out new ideas for Little M to explore in the tuff spot. I’ve been busy looking on Pinterest for inspiration and I’m thinking about starting a weekly tuff spot series to share any ideas that I’ve found/come up with. Hopefully it will allow Little M to become less nervous about trying new things!

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Living Arrows

6 responses to “Living Arrows 29/52”

  1. Donna says:

    I’ve never seen a raised Tuff Spot like that – it looks awesome! And she is growing so, so fast! x

  2. Emma T says:

    The tuff spots on stands are brilliant. Especially if they’re the ones you cna raise up. Hope she enjoys it. #livingarrows

  3. Sarah says:

    She looks like she’s having great fun – Toby always takes a bit of convincing to try new things too. Tuff spots always look so great but I’m not sure I’ve got the imagination to get the most out of one. #LivingArrows

    • Jules says:

      I’m hoping to start a little tuff spot series soon, so hopefully that will give you some inspiration! xx

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