Living Arrows 3/52

January 16, 2017

I feel like this week has revolved around Little M’s sleep. She’s teething, so that’s bound to upset things, but there hasn’t been the usual screaming/crying that you’d expect from a teething baby. She’s just got herself into a ridiculous cycle of being completely cream crackered by 5pm when we’re sitting down to dinner, then falling asleep really quickly after her bath so she’s down in her Snüzpod before seven thirty.

Wondering what I’m complaining about? Well she’s invariably wide awake within an hour and doesn’t go back to sleep until between 11pm and midnight. She then sleeps through until 9, 10 or even 11am, so I can’t complain too much, but that then messes up the whole day as she naps once or maybe twice for around 30 minutes before starting the whole cycle again.

As a result, I’ve been trying to wake her earlier in the morning so she can actually have breakfast instead of sleeping through it, then try to orchestrate ways to make her sleep. One thing that seems to be quite successful is taking her for a walk. Unfortunately, she usually spends the first 45 minutes of the walk wide awake, before falling asleep just around the corner from home.

So today’s Living Arrows photograph had to be of Little M fast asleep in her pram, shrouded by the SnoozeShade. It feels a bit mean covering her pushchair so she can’t see out, but honestly it’s been a godsend in terms of getting her to have a nap during the day!

Plus, she loves being inside it. She giggles away when it first goes on, especially as I’m a bit obsessive about peering in the zipped opening to see if she’s okay. Little M obviously considers it to be a highly elaborate game of peekaboo! Once we get going though, she’s usually asleep within 10 to 15 minutes. So I walk for the remainder of an hour before bringing her home.

I read somewhere that baby naps are only effective if they last at least 40 minutes. Don’t ask me where I read it; I can’t remember. It was back in the majorly sleep-deprived days when we were desperately googling any articles on ‘how to make your newborn sleep’ at 3am. Some random ‘sleep expert’ probably made it up, but it’s stuck with me so naturally I obsess about the length of Little M’s naps, much like I obsess about everything else! You can imagine how disappointed I am when she wakes up after 35. I ended up driving around south Norfolk for nearly an hour after Tiny Talk last week because she fell asleep just as I pulled into our road.

Anyway, I’m not sure I’m supposed to write a whole great long post about my nap obsessions for Living Arrows, but there it is! Doesn’t Little M look cute all bundled up in there?

In case you’re wondering, my nap experimentation has had little to no impact on the time Little M is falling asleep at night. Feel free to offer any advice, or even better, send cake.

Living Arrows

9 responses to “Living Arrows 3/52”

  1. I’m with you on sleep issues atm, my youngest is teething and it’s made him hate sleep too! I swore by my Snoozeshade when my two were younger, they definitely help with sleep when out and about. Fingers crossed you crack the sleep issues soon xxx

  2. Oh sleep. The mystery that doesnt work one set way! I think it’s an ongoing experiment. I love the pic though….looks so small but hidden like a little present #LivingArrows

  3. I used to love peeking in through my kids snoozeshade. very cute #livingarrows

  4. Emma T says:

    N had a snooze shade for a bit too, but he didn’t have any issues sleeping or napping anyway. He’d just fall asleep where he fell. However, as he’s got older he has wandered at night, and had a lot of early morning wake ups. Thankfully he’s back to normal 6.30ish wake up which isn’t quite as bad #livingarrows

  5. Donna says:

    I remember trying so hard to get the babies to nap but they would nap, without fail, in the pushchair. Gorgeous photo! The whole sleep routine thing is just so stressful x

  6. She’s so cute! I gave up obsessing over sleep when Toby was tiny because he was just the antithesis of ‘normal’ as per the books and articles haha xx #LivingArrows

    • Jules says:

      I’m hoping we’ve cracked it with this new routine. Had a not-so-great night on Wednesday night and she keeps crying in her sleep (aww) but I think that’s teething. Little M goes against all the books as she seems to sleep through better when we have a slightly later bedtime xx

  7. Sarah says:

    Neither of mine have been great sleepers but teething will mess with their sleep whatever you do I think. M looks very snug in her buggy though – the Snoozeshade was always great for getting mine to nap when they were younger too. I hope you manage to get a bit more sleep soon! #LivingArrows

    • Jules says:

      Thank you. Poor little thing is crying in her sleep next to me now! Her sleep is steadily improving though. We love the Snoozeshade!

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