Living Arrows 40/52

October 2, 2017

Wow, week forty. That means there are only twelve weeks left until the end of the year! Where has 2017 gone?! It’s crazy.

Thank you to those of you who messaged me to wish us a better, cold-free week last week. Fortunately, the snotty noses did indeed leave the Pondering household, but alas, the sickness bug struck. Specifically me. On Tuesday. Which was my birthday. What great timing! As a result, I spent most of the week feeling totally rough and thoroughly fed up. And I’ve barely left the house or taken any decent photos. Which has irritated me no end!

Thankfully, things were finally looking up health-wise towards the weekend and we had an impromptu meal out at Ask Italian in Norwich on Saturday. I love Ask Italian as it has a really good gluten free menu and they are always so accommodating to Little M needing a high chair, and somewhere to put the pram. I had a delicious pizza that I was unable to finish, so I cheekily took the rest home and had it for lunch on Sunday!

Little M absolutely loves eating out. She’s definitely a people watcher, and she relished the opportunity to get her hands on these funky twisty crayons. Although she was more interested in holding as many as possible, than drawing with them! I have no idea what she was thinking when I took this photograph, but she obviously felt that crayon holding is a very serious business.

I’m very much hoping that this week will be a better one, but I spent most of yesterday sneezing and poor Little M is sounding rather hoarse, so I won’t hold my breath! I hope your week is more germ-free than ours…

Living Arrows

3 responses to “Living Arrows 40/52”

  1. Oh no! I hope you’re feeling better now? We LOVE ASK too, it’s so family friendly and the menu is pretty tasty too x

  2. Sarah says:

    I love her concentration face! Hope you’re all feeling better now. #LivingArrows

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