Living Arrows 4/52

January 23, 2017

This week has been all about teething. We’ve seen an improvement in Little M’s sleep since we started the move to formula, and switched her routine up a little bit, which I really must get round to writing about. But even though she’s fallen asleep a bit earlier and skipped the several hours of wakefulness between eight/nine and midnight, she’s been crying in her sleep an awful lot, often needing a cuddle before she goes back to sleep. This has meant that I’ve spent most of the nights this week half in her Snüzpod with her!

I think the culprit is teething. Well, now the week has passed, I’m certain that the culprit was teething! On Friday morning, two little white slivers appeared through her lower gums. I was so excited to see them, I clapped and cheered. Little M looked at me as though I’d lost the plot! Obviously it warranted a text to hubby who seemed equally excited at the prospect of teeth. Mainly because he’s super competitive and Little M’s two closest baby friends have both got their teeth! So I had to choose this celebratory photo for this week’s Living Arrows.

It’s felt as though these teeth have been coming forever. It feels like we’ve had months of drooling, red cheeks and tears. I’d been checking her gums incessantly for signs but to no avail. We’ve been using a mixture of cucumber fingers at mealtimes (I think the cool texture of them has gone down well) and anbesol at bedtime, bringing out the big guns with a bit of calpol when Little M has been inconsolable.

The week before last she was absolutely full of snot (but with no other signs of a cold) so I put that down to teething, too. But still no teeth! I had no idea that the whole process could go on for so long before any teeth would appear! At least they have finally started coming through now; hopefully Little M can have a break from the pain.

Living Arrows

12 responses to “Living Arrows 4/52”

  1. Oh poor baby :-(. My son is really suffering at the moment too (he’s 20 months – sorry not very reassuring!)
    This picture made me laugh, as I tried for ages to get him to hold the cards for a picture. Literally none of them worked!! So well don you. #livingarrows

  2. Congratulations on your first 2 teeth little one. My kids weren’t too bad when they were teething but teetha granules were a saviour for us. As you say I hope she can have a little break now but in my experience once the 1st teeth broke the other followed pretty soon #livingarrows

  3. What a gorgeous smile! We got our first tooth at the start of December and have 6 through now!

  4. Donna says:

    Teething is like hell on earth. It was the one thing for me that came as most of a shock, I had never heard of teething before and it was awful. Poor little tot! So glad her first tooth is through – it should get easier from there! Her hair is gorgeous x

  5. Emma T says:

    Love that babygrow – really cute #livingarrows

  6. Lovely photo – and yay for first teeth! Our LP was the same, seemed to be teething forever, but only got her first tooth at nearly eleven months! She’s nearly one now and still only has two! Glad Little M seems to have settled now. Gorgeous girl! x

  7. Sarah says:

    I hate teething – both mine have suffered terribly with it. And symptoms can go on for ages before any teeth actually appear. I’m so glad Gabe has only got four more to go and then we are done (at least until Toby starts getting his adult teeth anyway!) I hope you get a bit of a rest now M’s teeth have cut though x #LivingArrows

    • Jules says:

      I know what you mean, it seems to go on forever! Thank goodness she seems to be experiencing a bit of respite from it now as she’s got a cold – at least she doesn’t have to suffer through both at once! x

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