Living Arrows 45/52

November 6, 2017

I struggled to find a photograph that I wanted to use for Living Arrows this week. I worked a couple of days last week, and Little M and I have both been suffering from colds, so I must admit I’ve failed to make time for taking photographs. I hate it when I get to the weekend and don’t know instantly which photograph I want to use. But in reality, the weekend is our opportunity to get out and about when I’m able to hold my camera instead of Little M, as hubby is there.

I think Little M has found it difficult adjusting to half term being over and hubby being back at work this past week. She’s been exceptionally clingy with me, so it didn’t help that I then worked two consecutive days midweek! The past few days have been a real turning point in her development, though. At seventeen months, Little M has finally taken her first unaided steps! Only two or three at a time, but still; it’s progress!

I’m so relieved that she’s finally got there as hubby has been worrying for several months that there might be something wrong and that I should take her to the GP for a referral; I have resisted doing this, alongside my mantra of she’ll do it when she’s ready, but I must admit, even I’ve been getting a bit worried that she wasn’t going to get there these past few weeks. Having said that, it’s been clear that she’s been making progress towards walking as she’s gradually been wanting to walk more – I think it’s finally clicked that she can get to places faster on her feet than when she’s crawling!

Living Arrows 45/52 Little M walking holding daddy's hands

So, my Living Arrows photograph this week is of Little M taking a little walk holding daddy’s hands when we visited Ranworth Broad for a stroll on Sunday. I would have loved to have shared a photograph of Little M walking by herself, but to be honest those moments have been so precious (and fleeting, so far!) that grabbing my camera hasn’t been my top priority. And I think that’s how it should be! I love this photograph, though, because it sums up her determination to walk, with her little tongue sticking out in concentration.

I’m hoping that now she’s found her centre of balance and realised the joy of walking, she’ll be off and away and running about in no time!

6 responses to “Living Arrows 45/52”

  1. Donna says:

    Oh she looks all grown up!! It’s amazing how big they look when they start walking. I know what you mean about some weeks just not taking photos – it’s the story of my life at the moment with both at school x

    • Jules says:

      Absolutely – and now that the weather has turned, it’s harder to get out and about for some nice outdoor shots. I think we need to find a good soft play – eek – I’m not sure I’m ready for that! x

  2. Well done Little M! Those first steps are so exciting and special aren’t they – not many moments like it! x

  3. Sarah says:

    Oh yay! Go Little M – both mine didn’t walk until 15 months so I know a bit what the waiting can feel like 🙂

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