Living Arrows 48/52

November 27, 2017

This week feels like it’s passed in a blur – I worked two days of supply, which I know is nothing really, but it just makes the week pass so much more quickly! Little M and I have been busy testing out toys for our Christmas gift guide, which I’ll be publishing in the next week. There are definitely some clear favourites, so if you’re looking for the ideal toddler toys this Christmas, then keep an eye out for it!

We’ve also been to our Tiny Talk class; unfortunately our attendance has been a bit sporadic there as I keep being booked to teach on the same day. The teacher is lovely and so flexible in letting us attend whichever class we can get to each week, but most of the classes are on the wrong side of the city for us and Little M’s napping still presents a problem with timings! Not that I’m complaining – her nap time gives me a chance to get things done!

Little M’s walking has been a bit sporadic this week – she’s had days where she’s walked about all day long, then the next she’ll have a crawling day and take until the evening to warm up into some walking. This weekend we went into Norwich to do some shopping and she was happy as Larry walking around holding my hand. Someone even commented that she looked too small to be walking – she’s eighteen months now but still in 9-12 clothes so I guess they have a point!

On Sunday we took a quick walk around some woods nearby to where we live. I love this time of year, with the crisp air and fallen leaves everywhere – provided the sun is shining, of course!

I’ve gone totally off-piste with this week’s Living Arrows photograph, and chosen one with me in it. Obviously Little M is too, so I don’t think I’ve broken any rules! It’s not the best photo in the world; my hair is a mess and Little M is paying zero attention, but I’m sure like most mums, I have hardly any photographs of the two of us, so I love it.

I love how interested Little M is in her surroundings – I’m holding her hand because the moment before this was taken, she was waving her hand around in my face, pointing at anything and everything, squeaking away as she does! Eighteen months is such a lovely age. I’m so enjoying watching her grow and develop and I’m excited to see her teach her baby sibling everything she has learned about the world so far.

Living Arrows

8 responses to “Living Arrows 48/52”

  1. RachelSwirl says:

    Oh such an autumnal picture, love this!

  2. Donna says:

    Ah I love your photo! That kind of bright, crisp weather is perfect for walks at this time of year x

  3. Ooh this is a lovely photo! I’ve made such an effort to get lots of photos of myself with the kids this year, they’re lovely to have to look back on x

    • Jules says:

      I’d love to have a family photoshoot done by our wedding photographer – she’s great at natural lifestyle shoots. It’s definitely something I’ll look into when baby number two goes along! x

  4. Sarah says:

    It’s a lovely picture – you’re right though, I’m not in many pictures with the boys, although I’m trying to make sure I get a few more these days. #LivingArrows

    • Jules says:

      It’s definitely something I need to work on! Made more difficult by the fact that I’m so critical of my appearance, though!

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