Living Arrows 6/52

February 6, 2017

This week’s Living Arrows shot is of Little M in her high chair. If you follow me over on Instagram, you’ll have seen that this is a common theme in my feed as I have been documenting Little M’s weaning journey there. Someone commented last night about how much they adore seeing these photographs of M in at the table, and how lovely it will be to see them as a collection to show how she’s grown. I thought this was a beautiful idea and I loved receiving that comment as it reassured me that I’m not boring my followers with the same types of photo all the time!

Weaning, banana pancake weaning, eight months

The only downside is that we’re planning to have a bit of a switch around in our kitchen/dining area to make more of a living space for when I start work and my parents are looking after M, so she may not have that beautiful blue wall behind her for much longer! (The others are ivory, so nothing dreadful but it may spoil the continuity!)

With regard to weaning, I’m so proud of Little M and how she’s getting on with it. This week she’s really shown her personality and often refused to accept anything from a spoon, preferring to feed herself. We got through a lot of spoons on Friday morning as I had to sneak in spoonfuls of yoghurt and pear compote while she ‘fed’ herself! She loves banana pancake though, which you can see her getting stuck into in this photograph. It’s just one beaten egg and half a mashed banana, cooked for a few minutes on each side (obviously making sure that the egg is thoroughly cooked).

I love her expression in this photograph as I think it shows the concentration that our little ones have to put into learning to eat. It must be exhausting for them! It’s been really interesting watching her hand-mouth co-ordination develop, as well as her fine motor skills for picking up the food (and even managing to keep hold of it while chewing; no mean feat it would appear!). Not to mention her reaction to the different tastes and textures. Now I just need to keep finding new ideas for finger foods that she’ll love!

Living Arrows

10 responses to “Living Arrows 6/52”

  1. Naomi Hassan says:

    She is seriously one of the cutest little ones ever. I love seeing her pictures pop up on my social media too!

  2. I’ve loved watching your weaning journey through Instagram! I’m glad it’s going well 🙂 We did blw with both littles, and although messy it’s wonderful to watch xx

  3. Stacey says:

    Lovely photo, the weaning sounds like it is going well.

  4. Donna says:

    This looks like a highchair catalogue photo! And I do love the blue wall behind her. It sounds like weaning’s going really well 🙂 x

    • Jules says:

      Thank you! We need to move our kitchen living area furniture around really, to make a more workable living space, which means the blue wall wouldn’t be behind her anymore. This is the sole reason I’m resisting doing it! x

  5. She is such a precious little thing. I love your weaning pics xx

  6. I think it’s a great idea and what a lovely set of photos to look back on! I may do something similar although we don’t have a lovely wall like yours. Xx #livingarrows

  7. I love her expression in this. Babies have the most wonderful range of expressions, and I love the delicious ripple on her wrist. So cute! My littlest wasn’t eating much but a month or so ago we realised it’s because he only likes to feed himself. It has been so messy, but now he is eating so much more, which is great because he sleeps better! #LivingArrows xx

  8. Sarah says:

    She’s so cute! Gabe was the same with refusing a spoon one day – I managed to trick him for a while by giving him his own spoon to try with while I still fed him too but it didn’t last long! Mind you he uses a fork better than Toby now sometimes and he’s two years younger! #LivingArrows

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