Living Arrows 9/52

February 27, 2017

I usually try to write my Living Arrows post on a Sunday night, after Little M has gone down to sleep for the night. As it stands hubby has just relieved me from bedtime duties as more than 200 minutes since he took her up for her bath, Little M is still awake. Ugh. She’s got into this dreadful habit of taking forever to go down to sleep and, to make matters worse, then wakes at around 3:30am. I think it’s a combination of a nasty cold and teething, so I can’t be too cross with her.

Sorry, that was a really miserable start to a blog post! On a more positive note, Little M has managed to eat solid foods again, something she’s been unable to do all week without either choking (that was a terrifying experience) or being sick. I’m really pleased as I had felt that we’d taken a big step back in the weaning process this week.

This week marked Little M turning nine months old. Nine months! She has now been in the world for longer than she was in my womb. It sounds strange but despite feeling like I’d be pregnant forever at the time, it’s hard to believe she was ever in there at all. I really do find pregnancy such a surreal concept. Anyway, this week’s Living Arrows photo is of Little M enjoying holding her 9 months milestone card. Just not so the camera can see it properly, obviously.

Little M nine months old

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