Making positive changes for your health – and a giveaway to help!

June 28, 2017

When I was little, my father used to smoke Hamlet cigars. I can remember the smell now, that kind of stale, rich, heavy aroma. It was horrible. Everything stank of it. But I’d grown up with it so didn’t think anything of it. Then I went to school and started to learn about the dangers of smoking. At around the age of seven, I remember saying to my father, “Daddy, I don’t want you to die!” Apparently it was this, coupled with him lying awake in bed, listening to me coughing my guts up as I had a horrid cold that probably wasn’t helped by a strong dose of passive smoking, that encouraged him to quit.

And quit he did! Using a somewhat unorthodox combination of nicotine patches and Trebor extra strong mints. I can vividly remember sitting in our caravan on a summer holiday with my dad using a pair of scissors to cut his nicotine patches into halves, then quarters as he weaned himself off them. I think the strong mints were to give his mouth something to do that wasn’t smoking. I must admit, it was nice to have the stench of cigar replaced by mint!

I’m so proud of my dad for stopping smoking and it’s now been more than twenty five years since he quit. Sadly, in that time we’ve lost his sister to lung cancer (she was a chain smoker of cigarettes), so supporting people to quit smoking is something I feel strongly about. So, I’d like to give one of my lovely readers a helping hand to quit. It’s never too late to stop. The NHS Smokefree website has tons of information on why it’s such a good idea to stop smoking. Did you know that the body feels the benefits of quitting just 48 hours after your last smoke? And after just one year smoke free, your chances of suffering from heart diseases are half that of someone who is still smoking? If that’s not motivation to stick at it, I don’t know what is!

Anyway, NiQuitin have sent me one of their Quit Kits, which has been put together following tips from Dr Sarah Jarvis (you know, the nice ginger doctor on the One Show). Here’s what’s in it, and why:

I know it’s easier said than done, and I know that I’m in no position to comment as a non-smoker, but I do hope that this giveaway will encourage at least one person to quit smoking and give themselves and their family a healthier future. Simply enter via the Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions

(Sorry, boring yet essential!):

There is one prize of a NiQuitin Quit Kit, provided by Pondering Parenthood. No cash alternative.
This competition is open to residents of the UK only.
Competition ends 24th July 2017.
A winner will be chosen at random using the widget.
The winner will be notified via email within 7 days of the closing date, and must respond within 28 days to claim their prize and arrange delivery.

220 responses to “Making positive changes for your health – and a giveaway to help!”

  1. Danielle Pooley says:

    My health!

  2. laura banks says:

    ive started training to get fit and it would be great if i wasnt coughing all the time from smoking

  3. this would be so useful

  4. Katie Skeoch says:

    To be a positive role model for my boys & to ensure I’m there to watch them grow up

  5. Sarah Mackay says:

    Setting an example for my kids.

  6. Hazel Christopher says:

    I don’t want my son picking up on my disgusting habit!

  7. Margaret GALLAGHER says:

    Mum had lung cancer -biggest motivation ever

  8. KOMAL says:

    Great giveaway for health consious..ty

  9. Harline parkin says:

    My grandson I want to live longer smell better he tells me I smell of ciggies

  10. Tracy Nixon says:

    The kids – to set a good example!

  11. Julie Kenny says:

    I want to quit for my children’s and my health x

  12. Ruth Harwood says:

    I keep falling off the wagon, it’s driving me mad cos I know it’s ruining my health – I really need new motivation to quit!!

    • Jules says:

      I know I’m in no place to advise because I haven’t been there myself, but I really like the idea of writing down your reasons for quitting, then reading them back every time you want a smoke. I think it’s all about breaking that cycle of having a cigarette, until eventually you don’t want one at all. Good luck!

  13. Emily Hutchinson says:

    I just want to feel healthier with more energy

  14. Jo Carroll says:

    I don’t smoke but I’d use the kit to encourage my Dad to quit…so he can continue to enjoy his Grandson for plenty more years to come. x

  15. Abbie Jordan says:

    I’d love this – I need to quit as I have asthma which makes stuff difficult as it is, without adding this on too!

  16. Graham Ross says:

    My health,and to save money

  17. fiona waterworth says:

    another friend has died of cancer and again reminded how precious my children are

  18. claire glace says:

    ~So embarresing but i had lung clots and still cant quite get there…..

  19. Katie W says:

    To be healthy!

  20. Angela Moore says:

    Hello i really need this, need to quit ASAP

  21. Alison Johnson says:

    It’s for my best friend who started smoking again after quitting 10 years ago. She is desperate to stop again & I’d like to be able to help.

  22. suzanne drummond says:

    to live longer not get copd and bladder cancer the 2 main conditions related to smoking

  23. Alica says:

    To be honest, I just can’t afford to continue smoking!

  24. Tracy Hanley says:

    Health and my grandkids

  25. Lorraine says:

    I would like to win this for my friend as she has had a few unsuccessful attempts to quit.

  26. Alexandra oliver says:


  27. Judith Allen says:

    I’m entering for my partner, I did ask her first, I’m not that annoying. She has really cut down, changed to rollups, so she’s smoking much less tobacco, and it doesn’t cost nearly as much. She’s hoping to visit friends in San Francisco this year, and it would be easier for her to not smoke before the flight so she’s not craving all the way there.

    • Jules says:

      Sounds like a good enough reason to stop! It must be so difficult flying long haul when you’re craving like that.

  28. Lorna Ledger says:

    health, fitness, longevity, weight loss, skin concerns, aging, money!

  29. Hali Kinson says:

    Fantastic I could do with these would be fantastic

  30. pete c says:

    most importantly, better health for myself

  31. Solange says:

    Mainly, for health reasons

  32. Vicki D says:

    I want to be healthier and fitter and I want to quit before smoking causes any serious health problems

  33. Emma says:

    I’m a real foodie and I want to get my taste back!

  34. Pam Francis Gregory says:


  35. Ailsa says:

    For my children. Even if you don’t smoke near them, you transfer the chemicals on your clothes

  36. Becky Duffy says:

    To improve my chances of having another child, I wish I’d never started up again after having my daughter, I blame stress at work (only myself to blame really)

  37. Ellie Wood says:

    Health, to not have bad lungs and a long life!

  38. To be more active and improve my health

  39. Trudi Walsh says:

    I desperately want to quit for my health (I suffer from headaches and convinced smoking is the cause)

    • Jules says:

      I get the impression from the research above that nicotine withdrawal can cause headaches, so don’t let that stop you quitting. Power through! Good luck x

  40. rebecca nisbet says:

    it would have to be my girls, i hate the fact they see me smoking, and dread it if they decide to do it when they are older.

    • Jules says:

      A very good reason to stop. Perhaps the first step to cutting down could be to not smoke when they’re around? Good luck with your quitting journey.

  41. Lucy Major says:

    A family member has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer

    • Jules says:

      I’m so sorry to hear this. I hope they are able to be treated successfully. Well done for taking the decision to quit.

  42. Suzanne says:

    Generally want to feel fitter and am hopefully looking forward to a healthier future.

    • Jules says:

      Good luck with your mission to quit! I’m sure you’ll start feeling the difference in no time.

  43. carolyn heyworth says:

    Saves money and health aspect too !

  44. Pauline Hill says:


  45. Rich Tyler says:

    Being more healthy now in my mid 30s!

  46. Emma Gibson says:

    For family.

  47. Stevie says:

    I think I’m damaging my health.

    • Jules says:

      Fortunately, as soon as you stop smoking that damage begins to be reversed. Good luck with your mission to quit!

  48. cheryl hadfield says:


  49. Kimberley Ryan says:

    being fitter and healthier, so I can keep up with my little ones

  50. clair downham says:

    to be healthier

  51. Diane Wareing says:

    Many reasons. The main one being I have recently had a stroke after my other half had a double heart bypass ( all rock n roll here lol ) It’s been a crappy few months but we’re getting there. Quitting smoking but be a blessing to us both and any help would be amazing.

    • Jules says:

      Wow, that’s definitely a reason to stop smoking! Best of luck, and I hope yours and your partner’s health continues to improve.

  52. Nigel Rummey says:

    Anything to help give up smoking is good!

  53. karen says:

    My father-in-law died from lung cancer, not wanting to die like he did is motivation

    • Jules says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your father in law. You’re absolutely right though, definitely a strong motivator. Good luck.

  54. Victoria Lovell says:

    To be able to keep up with my son and not get out of breath

  55. Arabella Bazley says:

    I want to get back to climbing mountains and there is nothing more embarrassing than being out of breath and holding everyone else up. I want to lead, not follow !

  56. Sian Budgen says:

    To live longer and be healthier

  57. Jodie A Green says:

    Ive already quit actually, i went cold turkey back in Feb and havnt touched one since. My motivation was/is my children, they were unhappy about me smoking and really wanted me to stop – im so glad i did!!! Sadly my husband doesnt have as much will power and needs a little bit of help so this would be for him ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jules says:

      Wow, well done you, especially if your husband is still smoking around you – you must have mighty strong willpower! I’m pleased to hear that you’re feeling the benefits already.

  58. jacqueline rawlings says:

    my children are my motivation to quit

  59. Rachell Lynch says:

    for myself my health and kids

  60. Rose w says:

    I want to quit smoking to improve my fitness.

  61. Emma Walton says:

    I need to give up for health reasons but I’m finding it so difficult!

  62. Hannah Wood says:

    I dont smoke and never have but a good friend does and would be fab for her .x

  63. Stephanie Crimes says:

    Great timing. I have just made the decision to quit and have been researching the best (easiest!) ways to do it!!

  64. lesley white says:

    health and money

  65. Rebecca Brown says:

    My mum is trying to give up for health reasons and I’d love to give her this as encouragement ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. Lydia Graham says:

    I would like this for my youngest son. I really think he should stop as it’s got to be affecting his health. He did stop for a couple of months but his partner smokes so he restarted. This might be the turning point.

  67. ADEINNE TONNER says:

    This would be for my friend who want’s to stop smoking for her children

  68. Kristyn Harris says:

    I want to be healthier and fitter

    • Jules says:

      That won’t take long – just give everything a good wash! When my dad quit, I remember my mum cleaned the carpets and washed the curtains, and it made a massive difference. Good luck with your mission to quit!

  69. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    My grandchildren are my motivation

  70. Suzie W says:

    Health and to save money

  71. Naila says:

    Mainly because of health benefits, as well as to save money.

    • Jules says:

      Honestly, the fact that you get to have more money as well as reaping the health benefits makes me think it’s a no-brainer. I know it’s not as straightforward as that in reality. Good luck, I really hope you’re successful in your mission to quit!

  72. Kim Styles says:

    I have already quit and I did it for my family and myself as I didn’t want to leave them before my time ! However I am helping my partner quit and I think this would help

  73. Sheri Darby says:

    My children – what other motivation counts as much?

  74. Victoria Prince says:

    I am currently helping my friend give up, and this would be a great boost ๐Ÿ™‚ Her motivation is just to be healthier!

  75. James Harris says:

    There are so many good reasons to quit smoking e.g. health, money and smell.

  76. TERRY says:

    baby grandson due soon

  77. Diana says:

    My daughters are my biggest motivation ๐Ÿ™‚

  78. Michaela Smith says:

    The no1 motivation would have to be for health reasons!

  79. JULIE WARD says:

    Nothing at the moment I’m on a downer, maybe get shut of my partner

  80. Robert Price says:

    My age and my health

  81. donna l jones says:

    to help me breathe better

    • Jules says:

      According to the NHS, the lungs start to recover just 48 hours after quitting. Good luck and I hope you are breathing more easily, soon!

  82. stuwraps says:

    Trying to quit for my health!

  83. Joanne Casey says:

    I’ve seen the effects that smoking can have, my mum is in a bad way with COPD …smoking has ruined her quality of life

  84. Kate jones says:

    My partner, he hates me smoking and would finally shut up if i managed to kick the habit!

  85. Avril Randall says:

    I actually enjoy smoking but recently had a chest infection which resulted in me coughing and spluttering for 2 weeks. I realised that smoking was not helping and have decided that it is never too late to quit. I know it will be difficult as I have been smoking for over 50 years!

  86. Allan Fullarton says:

    This would be great!

  87. Sam Parkes says:

    My health currently got a bad chest infection an been told by GP I must stop smoking

    • Jules says:

      I hope your chest infection clears soon. Do it for yourself, not just because your doctor tells you! Good luck!

  88. Pia S says:

    My children, my health, money (in that specific order too)

  89. Emma Topp says:

    It would be for my mum as she needs to take better care of herself.

  90. marie miles says:

    i have a 2 year old grand daughter and i want to live a longer healthier life for her the apple of my eye.

    • Jules says:

      Aw bless, I’m so pleased that Little M has all of her grandparents around. Good luck, I hope you manage it!

  91. Cathryn Crawshaw says:

    my hubby wants to stop smoking for our daughter

  92. julia linsley says:

    To live longer breathe better and stay healthy for all those around me

  93. SARA owen says:

    My main motivation is to be fitter and healthier for my daughter mia โค

  94. Sheila Reeves says:

    I quit before I got pregnant, but want to help my other half to stop – my dad did this in his 60’s so very proud of him!

  95. Michelle Ferguson says:

    To be honest it is so expensive to smoke now so that is the main reason for giving up

  96. Rachael Sexey says:

    My children

  97. carol boffey says:

    my man needs to quite

  98. Emma Davison says:

    The pack is for my friend. Quitting would have health benefits.

  99. Kim Neville says:

    To be healthier and set a good example

  100. janine atkin says:

    to save money!

  101. Lisa George says:

    For my future.

  102. Tasha says:

    My health and my daughter

  103. Emma Wolski says:

    My nephew, im now named guardian should the worst occur, If that isn’t motivation?…

  104. tee simpson says:

    my kids. they want me to quit so i be more healthy

  105. tee simpson says:

    my kids. they want me to quit so i be more healthy

  106. Mickie Bull says:

    Because at 33 I have the lungs of someone who’s worked with asbestos all their life ๐Ÿ™

  107. Beatrice Benham says:

    My little girl and money!

  108. Natalie Crossan says:

    To be happier, healthier and a bit better off financially

  109. Tracey Susan Anderson says:

    To increase my life expectancy and be better off financially so to afford and enjoy lovely quality time spent on holidays with my family ๐Ÿ™‚ x x

  110. Thomas Riley says:

    for my health

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