Meet the Parents – Advice for new mummies and daddies with Rachel Bustin

August 10, 2016

My blog series of advice for new mummies and daddies continues this week with wisdom from Rachel who blogs at Rachel Bustin.

Tell me a bit about you, your blog and your family.

My Name is Rachel, I am 33 years old and a first time mum to a baby girl born in February 2016. We live down in Cornwall, one of the best parts of the country in my opinion, but then I have lived here all my life! I started to blog in March 2015 after having my third miscarriage in a row and needed something to occupy my mind while I was dealing with the grief. Now that part of my life is behind me I plan to enjoy every moment of my baby girl growing up along with my husband Dave.

I blog about our everyday journeys through parenting, mixing it up with book reviews, gardening and anything else that pops into my head. I love to write reviews on things that we enjoy as a family. That might be places we go, what we eat, read, use or wear.

What one essential item would you insist on putting in your hospital bag (for you)?

The one essential item that I put in my hospital bag for me was my Kindle. I really could not do without it. In the early stages of contractions I was reading a great book called Unwanted Truths by Tricia Haddon. It helped me take my mind off things and kept me relaxed and also passed the time while I was waiting.

Was there anything unexpected that happened during labour, that you think first-time mums should be prepared for?

Be prepared for the unexpected. I knew I was going to go in to be induced on the Saturday morning as I was 12 days late. But I didn’t expect to be still no further forward at 2pm on the Monday afternoon. Then the doctors decided I had to have an emergency c-section due to meconium in my waters that they broke the previous day. Just go with the flow is my advice.

What would be your one essential product for a newborn that no new parent should live without?

A gro-egg. I honestly didn’t know what to put on baby girl for bedtime. How many covers did she need? I feel the cold but my husband is a hot-bod and feels the heat. But having a gro-egg in our bedroom let us know if the room is too hot, too cold or just right. I love it!

We love our Gro-egg too! Definitely a newborn essential. 

What’s the best piece of advice you were given before your first child was born?

Don’t stress over breastfeeding. Your milk will come in when your baby is ready for it. Your body will produce enough for the needs of your baby – This came from my mum.

What’s the worst piece of advice you were given?

Don’t listen to others for what clothes to buy for a newborn. You don’t want to have too many small clothes that have never been worn. They grow so fast. Then later you have to sell on ebay!

What would be your top tip for a first time parent-to-be?

If you are breastfeeding, feed on demand. Your baby will know when they want to feed. By doing it this way we have a very happy baby who rarely cries.

I wish I had kept doing this instead of listening to my midwife!

What’s the hardest thing about being a new parent?

Lack of sleep.. I used to sleep 8/9 hours a night before baby girl came along. 14 weeks later my body is finally learning to function on little broken sleep. That first month was the hardest.

It’s amazing how you come to survive on so little sleep, isn’t it?

What’s the best thing about being a new parent?

The joy of seeing those baby blue eyes stare up at you. My baby girl is now getting interesting at 14 weeks old. She coos and gurgles away. She smiles when you come into the room. She has made our family complete.

Thanks, Rachel, for joining in! You can find Rachel over on her blog, Twitter and Facebook.

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