NCT Classes – sessions 2 and 3

April 20, 2016

Last week I blogged about our first NCT class and what it involved. Someone commented that they’d like to hear about what would happen next so I thought I’d write about it some more!

Since that post we’ve had another two-hour evening session and an all day Saturday session. I have to admit, they have been really helpful and the course leader has been much better about answering all of our questions and telling us about the things we want to know – phew!

I probably won’t remember everything we talked about and wouldn’t want to bore you with it all here, so I’ll try to summarise what we covered (not necessarily in this order!):

There were probably other things too but I’ve got a head like a sieve. Fortunately I’m pregnant so I can use baby brain as an excuse. How long after the birth do I get to use it for?!

The Saturday session was particularly good as I feel we’ve really bonded as a group and don’t feel awkward discussing things with each other. We’ve started a Facebook group too and the men have even got their own little Whatsapp splinter group (although I suspect this is more banter than sensitive discussion, it’s good for them to be able to chat about stuff if they need to!).

*I now realise I didn’t have a clue on how to bath a baby and what to do. In fact I’m still not sure. Will have to read more to avoid accidentally drowning the poor child.

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Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any way. We paid for our NCT classes ourselves.

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11 responses to “NCT Classes – sessions 2 and 3”

  1. So glad after your first post you’ve found it more beneficial! Sounds like you have a great support network set up 🙂

  2. Fi - Beauty Baby and Me says:

    Glad you’re finding the classes helpful. I did NCT and made some really lovely friends which was the absolute bonus of the classes for me. xx #KCACOLS

  3. Emma says:

    It is great to read that you are finding your NCT classes useful. I will be very interested to hear about the birthing session and what they said…#KCACOLS

  4. The thing I was most worried about before Marianna was born was bathing. We had a mum come into our class to demonstrate and I couldn’t even imagine how I’d handle a tiny slippery human! lol. x #KCACOLS

  5. Glad that the classes are going so well – I am hoping to train with the NCT later this year to run classes in my area so its really encouraging to hear such great feedback for the content and delivery. As for the baby bathing – they can be slippery little loves when they are so small, but don’t worry you will soon be a dab hand at it #kcacols

  6. That is great news! I didn’t join any NCT classes when I was pregnant and I really wish I have had after reading so many posts about it. You covered a lot of topics which is fantastic and of course super helpful. I like the idea of having a facebook group and your hubby a whatsapp group. This is super useful for any daily queries. I’m looking forward to reading more about it. Thanks so much lovely for sharing this at #KCACOLS. , 🙂 x

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