Sneak Peak: The brand new Oyster 3

July 7, 2018


Yesterday, B and I were lucky enough to be invited to the pre-launch of the brand spanking new offering from BabyStyle, the Oyster 3 stroller. If you’re at all familiar with my blog, you’ll know that my love for a new pushchair is strong. Therefore, I was particularly excited as the Oyster 3 isn’t due to go on sale until November 2018 and I’ve got one in my kitchen!


Of course, I couldn’t possibly keep anything about the Oyster 3 to myself, so I wanted to share with you what I’ve learned about this brand new stroller so far. First of all, BabyStyle have listened to everything that parents had to say about their very popular Oyster 2 stroller, and piled all that knowledge into developing the Oyster 3. While you might be forgiven for thinking that the Oyster 3 is just an update of the Oyster 2, though, you’d be wrong; this is a whole new pram, developed from the ground up.


Brand new Oyster 3 pushchair

Brand New Oyster 3 – What’s New?


The most striking thing about the Oyster 3 is that it’s bigger and better than the Oyster 2, while also being more compact. Surely an oxymoron? Not in this case. The Oyster 3 has a bigger chassis, larger carrycot, wider wheels and a higher seating position than its second-generation namesake, yet the intelligent folding system means that it’s significantly more compact when folded – even with the seat unit on.


Oyster 3 stroller

New Oyster 3 pushchair


The seat unit that comes as standard can be used from birth – it meets all of the industry standards – but I found that at 16 weeks, B looked more comfortable in the carrycot. Incidentally, not only is the new Oyster 3 carrycot bigger than the one for the Oyster 2, but it also has a number of clever new design features. Firstly, it has rocker bars on the base, which have flip-out feet built in. It also has a structured apron, which not only looks more appealing, but provides baby with more space inside.


In fact, most of the design improvements BabyStyle have made on this latest offering are in aid of reducing faff – the wheels lock and unlock with one action instead of two, and the insect net is hidden in a handy pocket under the footrest of the seat unit. The seat unit itself is clever, too – when you need to adjust the height of the straps, you simply raise the height of the hood. This simultaneously lifts the position of the harness and provides more height to the seat. Genius! The seat position is also higher on the Oyster 3, and can be world or parent facing – making it easier to chat to your baby.

Brand New Oyster 3 – Our First Impressions


My first impressions of the new Oyster 3 pushchair are that it is smooth and light to push. I’d expect nothing less as the Hybrid Stroller, also by BabyStyle, boasts the same smooth action. The basket looks spacious and has high sides, keeping everything contained, while the compact fold is very promising! We popped out for a picnic lunch earlier today, and the basket easily held our picnic things. B slept beautifully in the carrycot and the pram coped well across uneven surfaces (which I’m sure the front and rear suspension helped with!).


New Oyster 3 pram review


We’ve also had a sneak peak of the new Oyster 3 buggy board, so there are options from transporting two under two. And because the seat unit is lie flat, it’s suitable from use from birth, so M and B can always take it in turns to use the seat if necessary. I’m looking forward to testing out the Oyster 3 further – don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated!



A sneak peak of the brand new BabyStyle Oyster 3. All new features on a very exciting pushchair!


Disclosure: We were gifted the Oyster 3 free of charge. However, all opinions are my own. 


8 responses to “Sneak Peak: The brand new Oyster 3”

  1. Oh this pushchair looks fab! Love how the straps are adjusted- genius idea!

    • Jules says:

      I genuinely ‘ooooh’ed out loud when they showed us that feature! Can’t stand fiddling with straps.

  2. Leslie says:

    Cracking pictures Julie! X

  3. Ooh it looks great! Looks really light and maneuvarable too – something that I’m looking for currently 🙂 will have to check it out.

    • Jules says:

      We’re still really enjoying using it – especially with a ride on board for our two year old. Not long to wait until it’s in the shops now!

  4. Inga says:

    Wondering what you think of the harness, how it fastens? I find it a bit of a faff and I am wondering if it will be difficult to clip closed with a baby/toddler who doesn’t want to be contained!

    • Jules says:

      I must admit I had similar reservations when I first saw the harness, but the Babystyle team assured me that it’s necessary for each side to be in two parts because of the way the harness is adjusted via raising the hood (which makes it so much easier to do than any of my other prams, as it removes the need to thread any straps).

      To answer your question, my youngest daughter is now 14 months old and we have been using the seat unit of the Oyster 3 on an almost daily basis for the past 8 months. There are certainly occasions were she doesn’t want to be contained! As with any travel system, once you get to know it, things become a lot quicker to operate. I have learned that if the shoulder padding has the straight side facing inwards and the adjuster of the waist strap is facing upwards, the two parts will fit together in a jiffy, which then plug into the clip, no problem.

      As you can see from reading my blog, we own several strollers and travel systems that we’ve reviewed over the years, and I don’t find the Oyster 3 any more fiddly to fasten than any of the others. I hope that answers your question!

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