Nighttime worries

December 23, 2015

Friday 2nd October

It’s approaching 5am, and I’ve just woken really hot and to considerable discomfort across my back and tummy, and a need to pee.

We need a new mattress, so I often wake with a bit of discomfort, but this feels a bit different. Of course I’m worried that it’s the start of the worst outcome, but my experience as someone with Polycycstic Kidney Disease (PKD) tells me that it’s probably a urine infection.

Cue frantic googling of urine infections during early pregnancy.

Having not seen a doctor or midwife yet, I’m putting myself at 4 weeks + 3 days. I’m starting to realise now why pregnant women always talk about their pregnancy in terms of weeks and days. I’ve never wanted time to pass so much so that I know we’re out of the ‘danger zone’. Every day counts!

Apparently urine infections are quite common during pregnancy as all the progesterone affects the muscles that connect up your kidneys with everything else and that can cause problems. (For a more detailed explanation, and a list of symptoms, this is the site I’ve been reading)

I’m assuming it’s a UTI (urinary tract infection) and I could be wrong of course, but if that is what it is then it won’t be my first.
Having PKD means I have to see a doc ASAP whenever I suspect one, so I’ll call the surgery when it opens and trot along with my little pot of wee for them to test.

Hopefully it won’t be anything more serious. I’ll keep you posted.

Have you had a UTI during pregnancy? How many weeks were you? Tell me about it in the comments!
EDIT: Saw the dr, she said it didn’t look like a UTI but sent a sample to hospital to double check, and gave me a prescription just in case I got worse over the weekend. Love my dr!

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