Now you are one…

May 23, 2017

Little M,

I can’t quite believe that I am parent to a one year old! I also can’t believe quite how much I love you. Yes, you can be annoying sometimes (like that time you tipped a whole pint of water over my blog planner) but mostly, you’re just great fun. I love the way that you giggle when I tickle your tummy and how you crawl around when daddy tries to change your nappy but lay still and smiling when it’s my turn. I love the way you point your toe towards me when I pick up your tights or leggings, then giggle as I bounce you into them to pull them up.

You’ve started to discover role play, using everything and anything you pick up as a telephone, including your lunch! Speaking of which you’ll happily munch away on whatever is put in front of you, but if you decide you don’t fancy it that meal time (or even that second!) then whoosh!, it is sent onto the floor with a sweeping hand gesture.

Despite being utterly determined to do anything but walk with your walker, you’re cruising along the furniture, tossing everything you find onto the floor (there’s a theme here!) before studying your finds with careful consideration. This week, you’ve learned how to take the top off my lipstick; I’m hoping it’s a little longer before you work out how to twist it! Simple things fascinate you, and you’ve shown how clever you are – on Sunday you took my shoe from my suitcase and tried to put it on Daddy’s foot – we didn’t think you knew what shoes were!

You haven’t said your first proper word yet, but you can differentiate between ‘mumumumumum’ and ‘dadadadadadad’, depending on who is looking after you. You also like mimicking the indicator noises in the car! You love your Tiny Talk classes and can sign ‘milk’ to let us know when you’re ready for your milk and nap. At the moment, you’re still having two naps per day. When you wake up, you no longer cry, but sit up in your cot chatting to yourself, patiently waiting for us to get you up.

Even though you’ve only just turned one today, the signs of a stubborn toddler to come are beginning to emerge. You push your milk away when you’re finished, and shake your head and refuse to look at the camera if you don’t want your photo taken! I’m sure that soon these things will be minor on the scale of your defiance, but it’s interesting to see how your character is growing and developing. You have a gentle side, too, though, particularly when you pick up your flopsy bunny and snuggle her into your neck, or when you plant a gentle, often slobbery kiss on mine or Daddy’s lips.

I’m so proud to be your mummy, and can’t wait to see how you grow and change over the next year, now that you are one.

Happy Birthday, Little M xxx


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  1. Abbie says:

    Happy birthday little M! xx

  2. Aww how lovely! Cannot believe she is 1. My daughter loves lipstick and I often find her with bright red all over her chops. She is 3 though so you may have a while yet ox

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