Outside Every Day in January

February 6, 2019

When I set my 19 goals for 2019, I perhaps somewhat foolishly declared that I would be aiming to get outside with the girls every single day this year. It must not have rained for a while when I decided that this might be a good idea!

On the whole, we were quite lucky with the weather during January, and managed to go outside every day last month. I wanted to make sure that I was accountable for this goal, as I know how susceptible I am to snuggling up inside on a chilly day. So, I downloaded the One Second Everyday app to my phone.

I take a quick video clip on my phone each time we go outside, then upload it to the app, which then knits the clips together into a little video. I use the free version of the app, so I’ve edited the video a little to add some music as I wanted to share our time outside during January, on my YouTube channel.

As you can see from watching the video, we don’t go on grand adventures in the outdoors, every day. Yes, we visited the Zog Trail at Thetford Forest, and we’ve discovered some new parks and woodlands locally. But some days, we just throw on our coats and our wellies and pop out into the garden, to play with some bubbles or chalk for half an hour. And sometimes, our outdoor time is walking from shop to shop while on a shopping trip in the city!

It definitely makes a difference to M’s behaviour when we get outside for a decent block of time, though. When we’re at home for the majority of the day, she spends a lot of time getting into things that she shouldn’t and generally stopping B from doing whatever it is that B is trying to do! She’s much happier outside.

M loves being outside and having the freedom to run around, so parks are the perfect place for her to visit. She’ll happily spend a good hour at the park, especially if there’s a puddle to splash in! The cold of the past month doesn’t seem to have bothered her at all.

B in the top seat of the Hybrid Tandem Stroller

I’m looking forward to the year progressing, especially as B starts to walk. It’s tricky at the moment as B can’t really crawl about outside when it’s cold and wet, so in a way, M’s freedom comes at the expense of B’s. Having said that, we’ve started using the carrier a bit more now, which has given us more freedom from the pram.

I’ll definitely be continuing to use my One Second Everyday app (this isn’t an ad, I just really like it!), and will look forward to December when we’ll have a whole year of outdoor time to look back on!

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