Why do people think they can comment?!

June 30, 2017

I’ll apologise now, this is going to be another rant. I’ve just got home and I’m so upset.

On the way home, I stopped off at the petrol station to fill the car up with fuel. Hubby and I are off to Thetford Forest tonight to see Olly Murs, so as I was waiting in the queue to pay, I picked up a couple of chocolate bars as I thought we might want a snack later (or while waiting to get out of the car park, which seems to take forever at High Lodge!).

As I approached the till and the assistant beeped the chocolate through the till, she smiled and said, “oh that’s what you’re craving, is it?” I just laughed awkwardly. I thought about saying, “oh I’m not pregnant,” but to be honest I didn’t want the conversation and tried to brush it off.

While walking back to the car, though, I felt my heart sink. And I felt worse and worse as I was driving home. Am I really that fat that I look pregnant? I know I still have a bit of a tummy, and the rest of my body is ridiculously skinny in comparison, so it does stand out, but still!

Then came the wave of annoyance. Why on earth did that woman think she could comment? What gave her the right to pass judgement on why I was buying some chocolate? Never mind her assumption that I was going to eat them both myself! Why don’t people think?! How many unpregnant women are being insulted every day? Even worse, what if I had fertility problems? I’d be a million more times upset by what she no doubt felt was an ‘innocent’ comment.

It always seems to be women of a ‘certain age’ who say these things, too. Is there something that happens to women when they hit fifty, that makes them think they can comment on someone’s body shape or reproductive situation? I mean, honestly. I wouldn’t dare comment if I thought a woman might be pregnant. Especially knowing how pants I now feel about myself following this lady’s words.

So, the next time you look at someone and wonder what they’re having, or whether they’re craving whatever food item they’re purchasing, or how long they’ve got to go until their due date; button it! If they are pregnant, you’re unlikely to be enhancing their day in any way, and if they aren’t, you could ruin their day. I’m just hoping that Olly Murs can help me shake this crappy feeling that I’ve been left with…

8 responses to “Why do people think they can comment?!”

  1. WHAAAT? You don’t look remotely pregnant. People are weird. And, in this case, rude. Put that silly comment out of your head and enjoy the concert!!

  2. How rude! I don’t think you look pregnant at all lovely. I hope you can ignore her comment and enjoy your evening x

  3. So annoying! It really is women of that certain age… I can imagine my MIL saying something like this! She never thinks before she speaks and has no understanding of how things can be received by others. You look great by the way! xx

    • Jules says:

      Ah thank you, that’s kind! I think some people don’t have a filter. I’m sure that woman meant well, but I don’t think I should have to justify buying two chocolate bars! She obviously thought I was going to scoff them both, the minute I got in the car!

  4. LoopyNana says:

    I’ve been asked when I’m due before. A tad upsetting as my bottom half is a size 10 and my top half a 12!

    • Jules says:

      I’m the opposite with my top half being and 8 and the bottom half a ten, but even if I do look like I’ve got a paunch, I don’t need it commented on!

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