Pondering Playtime // Peg Construction Tuff Spot

September 27, 2019

Welcome back to Pondering Playtime, my weekly series where I share a play and learning activity, that I’ve done with the girls. This week, I’m sharing this peg construction tuff spot activity.

Peg Construction Tuff Spot – Set Up

This activity couldn’t be more simple, really. I needed some new pegs for my washing line anyway, so I decided to invest in some wooden ones rather than plastic in an effort to be more sustainable. I thought it might be nice to use them for a tuff spot activity before I added them to my peg bag, as pegs are great for the development of fine motor skills.

So, I put the pegs in the tuff spot, along with two packs of lolly sticks of differing sizes, which we already had in our craft cupboard. I built a little model to give my three year old an idea of the type of thing she might like to create, but didn’t give any instruction.

Then I left the girls to play!

You will need:

Peg Construction – What the girls thought

I was really interested to see how M (my three year old) interpreted this activity. The first thing that she did was to destroy my model! I think building with the pegs in the way that I had done was a bit tricky for her, as they didn’t stand up very well, so she showed little interest in that. M loves pegging things, though, so she started to peg the pegs onto the lolly sticks, and I challenged her to see how many pegs she could fit onto one lolly stick. This encouraged her to count and practice her one-to-one correspondence.

B (18 months) enjoyed trying to use the pegs, too. She hasn’t quite got the pegging action yet, but she still enjoyed watching what M was doing and trying to copy her. At one point, I made a triangle by pegging three of the lolly sticks together. B was so impressed with this, she exclaimed, “wow!” and it gave M and I an opportunity to chat about the properties of the shape.

Inspired by my shape-making, M then tried pegging some lolly sticks together, and made a dragonfly! She was so pleased with herself and insisted on making one for me, one for B and one for herself.

This was a really nice, easy activity which gave the girls a bit of chilled play time after lunch and a busy morning at preschool for M. It’s definitely one I’ll be repeating (as long as the pegs aren’t in use on the washing line!).


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