Pregnancy Diary Week 10

December 29, 2015

Gosh, week 10 of my pregnancy diary! If only I’d know that I’d get to this point when I was nervously at week 5, I might have been a bit more relaxed about this whole pregnancy malarkey.

This has been a funny week. I spent the first half of it worrying that I wasn’t suffering from enough nausea (I know, I’m an idiot,  I should be grateful that I feel ok, especially as two of my friends have suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum so I know how dreadful it can be for some women), then ironically spent the second part of the week feeling sick all the time! I am convinced half of it is psychosomatic and the other half is anxiety though.

I also accepted the fact that my boobs have actually grown (a complete surprise to me, given that I am naturally flat-chested; I just assumed they wouldn’t change. Oh, the naivety!) and went to John Lewis, the only place I trust for boob measuring following a hideous experience at M&S in my early twenties (I’m still scarred by it even now). Following a whispered conversation with the bra fitting lady, she presented me with a number of not particularly attractive options! She was adamant that I should have a non-wired bra (although she did say it was up to me) as apparently it helps drainage of the lymph nodes.

Now I’m sure I read something recently in an NHS publication which says there is no evidence that wearing an underwired bra causes any problems with breasts or breastfeeding, but of course feeling quite vulnerable in a lingerie fitting room I went along with what the lady said and left with a non-wired bra. To be fair it was a bargain at £18 and I can’t really afford to go buying my usual Calvin Klein if (as the John Lewis lady said) my bra size might change again within the next month.

On another note, we’re planning to tell the parents our happy news this weekend as we’re getting them all together to celebrate my mum’s birthday on Saturday. Hubby originally said we didn’t need to make a fuss and tell them all together as it doesn’t matter if one knows before the other. He changed his tune when I said that if that was the case, we’d tell my parents first. Funny that! Hopefully they’ll be as excited and happy as we are about the pregnancy!

PD week 10

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