Pregnancy Diary Week 15

January 6, 2016

Cold sores. This week has been all about cold sores!

I woke up on Tuesday morning and just *knew* I had been struck down. My top lip felt as though it was taking over my entire face. I was horrified. I’ve never, ever had a cold sore before and was bereft as I had been smugly confident that I would never have to worry about covering my head with a motorcycle helmet a la the woman in the Zovirax advert.

After much googling and reading of the NHS website (which explained that if you’re pregnant and have a cold sore you should consult your GP), I called the doctors. They booked me in with the nurse practitioner, who told me I’d probably had the virus for ages without knowing and that it’s fine to use Zovirax when pregnant. (Sob, I was hoping she was going to tell me that I was mistaken and it wasn’t a cold sore at all!)

So off I went to the chemist, bought the unbranded cold sore cream to save some pennies and happily applied the cream confident in the belief that it would just go away.

Until Sunday morning.

On Sunday morning I woke up with a scab the size of an average sultana stuck to my top lip. I duly freaked out and began googling again, wondering what on earth I was supposed to do now.

I’m not sure how the pregnancy first-time cold sore-related search term differed from the first time I googled, but this time I was faced with a whole host of potential complications for my unborn child, ranging from loss of sight and/or hearing, to infant death. Now I was really starting to freak out. I must learn to not read Daily Fail articles!!!

I’m sure these are worst-case, highly unlikely scenarios and everything will be fine.
And hopefully this cold sore will clear off, too!

PD week 15

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  1. missbeckymuz says:

    I suffered from a few cold sores in early pregnancy and had no idea I should have gone to doctors about them! I usually leave cold sores to go away on there own as the creams/treatments never seem that effective. Remember our immune systems are lower in pregnancy so we are more susceptible to all sorts of bugs. Hope yours clear up soon.

  2. Oh gosh, how awful! Cold sores are the worst at the best of times, let alone during pregnancy. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about. Hopefully it’ll disappear soon! Emily

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