Pregnancy Diary Week 17

January 9, 2016

This week we had our second midwife appointment. I’ll write a bit about what happened as I didn’t know what to expect, and if it helps others in some small way with their pregnancy then why not? However, it’s worth bearing in mind that I’m not ‘normal’ – my kidney disease means that I may not have the same pregnancy journey as most other people. This one was nice as, being in the Christmas holidays, hubby was able to come along with me.

Anyway, the midwife appointment was a lot shorter than the first one (it was scheduled to be twenty minutes – but I think we ran over. I may have had quite a few questions!) and she ran through quickly the results of my blood tests from the first appointment (all fine) and checked the due date provided by the first scan. She then asked if I had any questions.

I asked particularly about the cold sore that I was so worried about a couple of weeks ago. She reassured me and said that I’d probably had the virus for ages and it had likely come out during my childhood and I simply didn’t know what it was or had forgotten about it. She also reminded me that during pregnancy I am likely to get everything going. Joy!

The midwife asked if I’d felt any kicks yet (I haven’t) and said it could be any time between now and 22 weeks, and told me not to expect them to be regular at this stage (which I’m glad she said, as I would have worried about this…of course!)

We talked about the Aspirin I’ve been prescribed by the obstetrician and agreed that I should write to my kidney consultant to check he is aware and happy that I’m taking Aspirin daily (I did, he is).

Then for the good bit! The midwife used the hand-held doppler and we were able to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. This was really reassuring and it’s good to know that the pregnancy is going as expected. Phew!

PD week 17

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