Pregnancy Diary Week 18

January 11, 2016

This week of pregnancy has been good. My headaches have pretty much gone away (typically, as I had an appointment with the doctor about them) and I’ve had more energy.

It’s been back to school though and I worked three consecutive days after three weeks off, which resulted in a pretty bad sore throat and I felt pretty exhausted half way through. A bit of honey and orange (we didn’t have any lemons) did the trick for the throat and thankfully it didn’t develop into anything else.

It was interesting going back to school as I am becoming a bit of a regular at a few schools now so people have noticed the difference in my size – both adults and children! Adults seem to ask me how I am constantly, which has resulted in the typically British response of fine leaving my lips every five minutes! It’s true though, I have been fine this week and it’s been nice to feel like I’m doing something productive (and earning some pennies!).

I was particularly amused by one class I worked with this week – I taught them for a whole week back in November and obviously am showing a lot more now than I was then – cue a lot of whispered speculation from the children which made me chuckle. It’s funny how some children can’t gauge age accurately and I’m pretty sure one child thinks I’m going to be a teenage parent – he asked another teacher last time I worked with him if I was old enough to be a teacher (I’ve been teaching for over 8 years)!

Anyway, I heard another child stage whisper to him, “she’s a grown woman, she’s allowed to have a baby!” Haha! I did the old teacher trick of wandering over and asking, “everything alright over here?” To his credit he immediately blurted out, “Mrs W, are you pregnant?”

“Yes I am pregnant, and well done for being brave enough to ask. You might want to watch that in future though, just in case you ask a lady who’s just fat!”

Another lesson well taught I feel!

PD week 18

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  1. Wow week 18 that brings back memories! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy journey and keep up the blogging – it’s going to be amazing for you to document the transition into parenthood! #MarvMondays

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