Pregnancy Diary Week 22

February 8, 2016

Well, after last week’s worry I was hoping for a slightly calmer week in this pregnancy, and by and large I did get it, although I let my anxiety get the better of me which created a bit of an issue!

On the Friday that the midwife came to listen to baby’s heartbeat after my small bleed, she told me that if I was concerned then I could call Medicom for reassurance. I don’t know if Medicom exists elsewhere in the country, but basically they are a 24/7 messaging service so if you have a problem during pregnancy then they can get hold of the on-call midwife for you or direct you to another relevant service. This week I discovered that they are in no way medically trained. Which meant that they didn’t actually reassure me at all!

Anyway, here’s what went down: After the nightmare that was Friday, I felt the baby move lots over the weekend and felt reassured that all was fine. I wasn’t working on Monday, so I pottered around the house a bit, did some baking (check out my Instagram to see my pretty poor first-time attempt at piping icing onto gluten free muffins!) and did a bit of work on the blog.

Then on Tuesday I went to work and started to worry more as the day went on as I’d hardly felt the baby move all day. I’m aware that I tend not to feel her as much when I’m upright so once I got home I parked myself on the sofa and waited for some reassuring kicks. But none came. After about an hour it was getting close to needing to leave to go to yoga, which I didn’t want to do if there was a problem, so I thought I’d follow the midwife’s advice and give Medicom a quick call, with the idea being that they’d tell me I’m just being paranoid and everything’s fine.

Except they didn’t. As soon as the woman on the phone heard I was over 22 weeks she cut me off repeatedly, wouldn’t listen to anything I had to say and told me that I needed to phone delivery suite. (What?! I just wanted a midwife to tell me to stop being silly!) So I did what I was told and delivery suite told me that I had to drink and icy cold glass of water, lay on my left side for an hour and count the kicks.

Forty-five minutes later hubby came home to find me in bed, shivering (not one to do things by halves, I’d drunk two pints of ice water!) and inconsolable because I’d not felt anything. Fortunately in the last 15 minutes baby decided she ought to give me a good kick about which was a huge relief. I called the delivery suite back and they told me to arrange an appointment with the midwife just to double-check on the baby’s heart rate.

I saw the midwife on Wednesday and of course all was fine. I was a bit upset with her as she treated me as though I was wasting her time a bit with my paranoia, but once she heard that Medicom had referred me to the delivery suite she transferred her irritation to them and said they should have just contacted the on-call midwife so that they could call me and reassure me – which is what she thought they would do when she told me to just call if I wanted reassurance!

Ah well, at least all is fine now and I’ve set my paranoia to rest…for the time being at least!

Pregnancy Diary Week 22


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8 responses to “Pregnancy Diary Week 22”

  1. MMT says:

    Oh dear, I remember doing the icy water thing when I was pregnant with my first baby. It is so scary when you start stressing about whether they’ve moved – I swear they know! Glad that again, it was all fine x

  2. imatwinmama says:

    Pregnancy can be worrying at the best of times, so adding anxiety into that mix of hormones must leave your nerves shredded to pieces! Sounds like the cold water woke lil bubs up from a nice snooze 🙂

    It’s a shame the midwife wasn’t more supportive…

    • Jules says:

      Thank you. I have to remind myself that everything has been fine so far so there’s no reason for it to not be fine in future 🙂

  3. Bec says:

    Oh not another scare! Hopefully as the weeks progress the movements will become more definite so you don’t have to go through that again. Although I have to say I actually think Medicom gave the right advice – lack of foetal movement can be serious and should always be checked out with the delivery suite. I’m so glad it was a false alarm for you, but always better to be safe than sorry.

    • Jules says:

      Yes I know that really, it’s just difficult to know what to think when you have different people telling you different things! I would always suggest that women get reduced movement checked out x

  4. Oh god, Medicom sound terrible! Glad baby is okay – phew! And now I know to drink icy cold water and lie on my left side if I ever get worried – who knew, eh?! xx

    • Jules says:

      Always nice to share something new, but do phone your midwife if you have any concerns. I am certainly not a medical professional, nor do I profess to be one! x

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