Pregnancy Diary Week 23

February 15, 2016

This week has, thankfully, been less eventful than the last two, but has still involved a trip to see a medical professional!

I worked three days this week which has meant that blogging has had to take a little bit of a back seat (I know, I missed posting anything on Friday, I’m sorry).

As it happens, I had planned for Friday to be a fabulous blogging/commenting/cleaning/sorting day before half term started and we went about starting to buy stuff for the baby. And the morning did work out that way. I had a great Facebook chat with some other blogging lovelies and did some great research for the blog (from the comfort of my bed of course!).

The problem started when I got up to do the cleaning (how convenient, I hear you cry!) and had a really sharp pain in the left side of my bump. Naturally I decided to lie down again and it went away; I got engrossed in blogging again before realising that it was, in fact, lunchtime. I got up to make myself some lunch and couldn’t even bear to wait for the grill to heat up so I could make my beloved cheese and Branston on toast (I’ve become a bit obsessed with this as a lunch option!) and settled for a bit of jam instead.

At this point I thought it might be a good idea to phone the doctors’ surgery. Obviously urine infections are a concern in any pregnancy, but given my polycystic kidneys I can’t be too careful. The receptionist was great and sorted me out with an appointment for later in the day, and I dropped in a urine sample for the nurse to check straight away.

The sample was clear, which was something of a relief, but when I saw the GP that evening she suggested that I have it checked again after the weekend just to make sure. I’ve got a routine midwife appointment later today so I’ll get it checked then. GP was great and gave me a thorough examination; she said she thinks it’s just muscular so I need to take it easy and not be afraid to call 111 over the weekend if it gets any worse. Fortunately it’s eased a bit although it does still come and go.

I’m hoping it clears off by Tuesday as we’re intending to go on a great excursion to Kiddicare on Tuesday, given that it’s half term. We’re off to the baby show at ExCel in London on Friday too. Can’t wait to start buying stuff for baby!

Pregnancy Diary Week 23

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5 responses to “Pregnancy Diary Week 23”

  1. Fingers crossed for you, I had a urinbe infection when pregnant, very unpleasanr. Hope it gets solved and you enjoy your shopping trip X

  2. Hi Lovely, hope it does/did turn out to be nothing more than a muscular twinge! I do find myself having those strange little twinge pains, the occassional period type pains and I think even the dreaded lightening crotch (I still cant believe thats an actual term!), but hopefully it helps you to feel at ease to hear someone else is having similar strange twinges etc. Sounds like you have an exciting week ahead, theres nothing quite as exciting as finally going baby shopping đŸ™‚ Have fun! Emily x #MarvMondays

  3. Hope everything is okay, I’ve been getting ‘lightning crotch’ so I think all these pains and twinges are normal. Still annoying though. Cheese and Branson toastie sounds delish – ooh you’ve got me wanting some now! xx

    • Jules says:

      Haha I just had one for lunch…

      Midwife didn’t seem bothered about it at all! It still hurts there though, just comes and goes. xx

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