Pregnancy Diary Week 24

February 22, 2016

The 24th week of this pregnancy has just flown by! Probably because it’s been half term so hubby has been at home with me and we’ve been out and about doing things together.

On Monday we had our routine appointment with the midwife. It was nice to have a routine appointment after the worry of the past few weeks, and it meant that we could have my urine checked again as the doctor had suggested the previous Friday without having to make yet another appointment.

The midwife was entirely unconcerned by the pain I’d been experiencing; in her opinion it was all par for the course! She did pay slightly more attention when I told her at some points it was so severe that I couldn’t stand up, but even still dismissed it as ‘growing pains’. If that’s what it is, then that’s fine, but I must admit it doesn’t fill me with confidence the way the midwives dismiss these things. Surely there’s a chance that the pain could have been caused by something more serious (as the doctor suggested could have been the case)? I’m pleased I made the appointment to see the GP anyway. I’d rather be told that there’s nothing wrong and be considered a borderline (or maybe even complete!) hypochondriac than ignore something potentially serious.

Other than testing the urine sample, the midwife felt my tummy for the position of the baby and listened to the heartbeat using the doppler. It was interesting as she had a bit of trouble finding the heartbeat and seemed to think that the baby was back-to-back and wriggling around like crazy! Much to my ignorance, as to the midwife’s disbelief I couldn’t feel any of those movements. Probably just as well if she’s moving that much! Apparently this much movement is a good sign though as it means that the placenta is doing its job well.

The midwife also gave us the form needed to claim maternity pay/paternity leave so I will get onto that this week – as I’ve mentioned before I’m not entitled to statutory maternity pay so I need to apply for something called Maternity Allowance. It’s really confusing but I think I’m getting my head around it – I will definitely post about this once I have it all figured out and am sure I’ve got it right as I’m sure others will find it useful and I’d love to read a post about it if anyone knows of any!

On Tuesday we went to Kiddicare. You can read about our pushchair shopping efforts here. Then on Friday we went to the Baby Show at ExCel London. This was my first baby show experience and my first experience anywhere as a blogger! It was a bit scary putting myself out there and I thought I felt really nervous at times but hubby assures me that I handled myself well! It was good to meet some lovely brands in the flesh. The best thing was getting the opportunity to speak to a couple of other more experienced bloggers – thank you ladies, you know who you are and I appreciate it!

We didn’t actually make any purchases at the show. Having decided on the travel system we want, the show offers available on it weren’t particularly significant and we have John Lewis vouchers to spend, so we decided to hold tight and buy that in a few weeks. To be honest I found the environment quite pressured in terms of making a decision and whenever I feel pressure, it instantly makes me back off! The hard sell doesn’t work with me. I think hubby is keen to delay spending money on the baby for as long as possible too so he was hardly whipping out the cards in eager anticipation!

In all seriousness though, things are starting to feel more real. Now that we’re in the ‘viable’ stage of the pregnancy it feels ok to start making concrete decisions on things that we’re going to buy and how we’re going to decorate the nursery etc. We went to IKEA on the way home from London and I showed hubby the furniture I’ve had my eye on for the nursery – I’m planning to write a post on my ideas too so I’d love to hear of any lovely things or clever ideas that you’ve done with with your nursery. Let me know in the comments below!

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4 responses to “Pregnancy Diary Week 24”

  1. always reassuring to hear the pain is nothing to worry about. I always thought 24 weeks was an important milestone. #MarvMondays

    • Jules says:

      Yes I must admit it’s nice to be over that hurdle, as it were. A bit like getting past 12 weeks. Now just to hope baby chooses to stay in there for the right amount of time!

  2. Woohoo, you’re on to the exciting stuff like decorating the nursery – love it! I’ve never been to the Baby Show but sounds like there weren’t much offers. We have everything from when Tyler was a baby so I don’t need to get much. I don’t understand the difference between Materinity pay and allowance either! xx

  3. Hi Lovely, great to hear that everything is going well. Definitely raise any concerns you have to your midwife and/or GP at any point. So much better to be safe and check anything thats niggling you. I so wish I went to the baby show last week hearing that quite a few others went too in the blogging community. Theres always next time though! Decorating the nursery sounds exciting, I cant wait to hear and see what you do. We’re starting to make a few small purchases here and there now too so its definitely starting to feel more real for us too now 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily

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