Pregnancy Diary Week 25

February 29, 2016

Well, this has been a pretty uneventful week in my pregnancy! I’m sorry it doesn’t make for particularly interesting reading but I’m pleased to be free from the worry of the past few weeks.

I’ve worked a few days this week and as ever the children have been interested in my pregnancy. I must admit I have played the pregnancy card a few times; “It would be a really big help children if you could make sure everything is picked up off the floor so that I don’t need to bend down lots at the end of the day…” Bless them they are so keen to help make life a bit easier!

I’ve been able to feel the baby move around a lot more this week, even when I’ve been standing up and teaching which I hadn’t been able to before – I suppose the baby is getting bigger and her movements more pronounced so even when I’ve been concentrating on other things I’ve been able to feel them.

Hubby has also been able to feel the baby moving more which has been really nice, although I have noticed lumps and bumps sticking out of my belly as the baby moves which is a bit strange! I’m looking forward to hopefully being able to tell which bit is which, but I must admit I have no idea at the moment!

On Saturday I met up again with the ladies from pregnancy yoga for a cuppa in our local community cafe. Although I’ve stopped the yoga now (the midwife and I talked about it and we think the pains I was having may have been pulled muscles – I think I am just rubbish at yoga and was being too gung-ho!) we’ve got a little Facebook group and have been arranging to meet up once every few weeks for a couple of hours. We’re really lucky as we’re all due within the same six-week period so it’s lovely being able to chat to others at the same point in their pregnancy and compare notes!

I’ve also spent a fair bit of this week filling in the forms for Maternity Allowance, so I’ll write a post on that soon!

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4 responses to “Pregnancy Diary Week 25”

  1. I always found it so reassuring feeling the baby moving around, it is the start of a great bond. #marvmonday

  2. Ahh that is so cool you can see the baby moving through your belly! I’ve been feeling a lot more movement this week (23 weeks), so I’m looking forward to seeing movement too. That’s so nice you’ve got pregnant buddies to meet up with from your yoga class, even if you don’t do the classes any more!
    Sabrina xx

  3. Great to read that it has been a quieter more uneventful week as you put it, on the pregnancy front. Its so magical when your other half can start to see and feel baby movements, it makes it so much more real for both of you 🙂 Great too that you have already made some lovely baby friends from yoga, its got me thinking that I should get out and about there, I dont know anyone having a baby at the same time as us this time round! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays 🙂 Emily

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