Pregnancy Diary Week 27

March 14, 2016

My 27th week of pregnancy has been mostly spent at the hospital. Thankfully nothing baby-related (and mostly as a visitor, actually), aside from an appointment I had with my kidney consultant on Tuesday.

This in itself was something of a happy anti-climax as everything appears to be completely normal. There’s no trace of protein in my urine (a sign that my kidneys might be struggling) and all my blood tests support the view that my kidney function is absolutely fine. I’ll see the renal consultant again though at 36 weeks, I assume just to check that everything is still normal.

This coming week I’ve got an appointment with the midwife and another scan, so I’ll have more to update on that front. Mostly I’m just looking forward to double-checking the gender of the baby at the scan, as we only got an ‘I think’ last time and we’ve heard from two people we know since then that they were told they were having a girl at 20 weeks, and then a boy came out! If we can have a little more certainty then I’ll feel more confident about cracking on and buying some clothes.

We had our travel system delivered this week, which I must admit we’re both rather excited about! It’s all starting to get more real, which is nice.

We’ve had a decorator in to give us a quote for painting the nursery and stairs and landing (we ran out of steam for painting once it came to that part of the house!) but I have to say I’m not having much joy choosing a colour. I bought several testers this week but they’ve all turned out much darker than I expected and hubby doesn’t like them. But then he’d happily live in a house where every room is magnolia!

I’ve been really tired this week and I think I’m coming down with a cold. It doesn’t help that I’ve been getting frequent cramps in my calves and feet, the former usually at around 2am! I think me leaping out of bed screaming in the middle of the night is starting to wear a little thin with hubby, but I just can’t help it. It takes me by surprise every time! Oh well, I’ll keep telling myself (and him) that’s it’s good practice for when the baby arrives…

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5 responses to “Pregnancy Diary Week 27”

  1. Oh, night time cramps are the worst, aren’t they? I often scare my husband as I just wake up screaming and can’t get the words out to say what’s wrong! Glad to hear everything’s ticking along nicely – hope you manage to make a paint colour decision soon (I’m terrible for this – I take ages!) #MarvMondays

  2. Oh no sorry to hear it’s been a hospital week, but glad everything is okay. That will be interesting to see what gender they think it is next week! I hope mine doesn’t change – I’ve only just got my head around it being a girl! Good luck with your paint choices – I’d go with a really light light grey, that’s really stylish xx

    • Jules says:

      Thanks. I think I want a pale aqua as I’m planning some grey accessories and I don’t want it to become too grey, if you know what I mean. But I may change my mind yet! x

  3. Great to hear that everything continues to progress well. It sounds like things are getting exciting, there is nothing more real than getting the pushchair and decorating the nursery, I cant wait to hear more about those. The 2am night cramps dont sound like much fun, definitely one of those things that I’ve read/heard you can get in pregnancy so hopefully they disappear soon after baby arrives! Look forward to your next update as always 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily

    • Jules says:

      Thanks! Yes very exciting to be decorating the nursery – I think we are getting there on choosing to colour; I have about 7 different tester colours daubed on the wall! I’m hoping the cramps disappear too, but I think I’m stuck with them for the time being! Thanks for hosting #MarvMondays x

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