Pregnancy Diary Week 29

March 28, 2016

This week of the pregnancy has mostly been about sorting. All the sorting! And a bit of preparing for labour too.

Some wise women who have already had babies suggested to me that I might like to purchase some enormous pants and dark-coloured towels for when I go into hospital. I’m not sure I want to think about the implications of why these things might be necessary but nevertheless I want to be as prepared as possible!

The worst part is I think my bottom is growing in order to balance out my bump. And I suppose my hips must be getting ready for what’s to come too. Anyway, I bought a pack of knickers two sizes bigger than my pre-pregnancy size, they looked enormous…but to my horror, they fit! My friend assures me I’ll shrink back but I’m not so sure!

The main event of the week has been all of the sorting though. We’ve only lived in this house for just over two years but we’ve still managed to accumulate loads of stuff here! I’m mainly responsible for hoarding teaching resources (I’ve been ruthless and narrowed it down to around half a dozen lever arch files and four box files…no I’m not joking!) while hubby I think still has in his possession every item of adult clothing he’s ever owned. Not to mention bank statements dating back to around 2003! We’ve already burnt out one shredder and had to purchase another, both our wheelie bins are full, the charity shops are doing well out of us and we’ve taken one trip to the dump with another planned in the morning!

The plan is to turn the current spare room into the nursery (as this is opposite our bedroom on the top floor) and the study (on the middle floor) into the spare room. Unfortunately I don’t think either of our rather large desks will fit in that room along with the spare double bed so we’ll have to do without a desk for a while. This all needs to be sorted by tomorrow when the decorator comes to paint the stairs and landings for us! Hubby wants to tackle the nursery himself so we’ll see how that goes. I imagine I’ll do some form of before and after post for your perusal!

On a serious note, all of this sorting has taken its toll physically and I’m absolutely exhausted come the evenings. I think I need to take things a little more easy but I can’t just watch hubby do it all and can’t help but get stuck in. It doesn’t help though that I seem to be woken up with cramp in my calves every morning at around 5am! If anyone has any tips to prevent this then I’d greatly appreciate it.

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6 responses to “Pregnancy Diary Week 29”

  1. We’ve spent this weekend in nursery prep too. I don’t know how we managed to store so much in such a small room. Problem is, we keep creating new jobs too. Today is going to be spent sourcing materials for hubby to construct a new desk & he’s finally conceded that we can paint the room! It’s all good fun though & you’ll get there X

    • Jules says:

      Of course you have to paint it! Well done for persuading him. I think we’ll have to buy a new, small desk as ours are both huge! And a new, taller bookcase I think as we have so many books and ours is only half height. Good luck with your nursery plans, I’d love to see pics when you’re finished! x

  2. For my second pregnancy, we moved out a month before the due date and we had some work done in the new house so I didn’t manage to prepare anything…but even if, it was a complete mess, when my second little angel arrived, it was OK. So don’t worry too much and relax before your baby arrives.

  3. Hehe, giant pants, that is what I’m wearing too! But don’t worry, you do go back to normal size quite quickly after birth 🙂 Sounds like you are proper nesting, for me I can’t stop cleaning! Sorry to hear about your leg cramps, maybe sleep with a pillow under your legs, that might help the blood circulate or something. Sabrina xx

  4. Kaye says:

    I have found massive knickers to be amazing in pregnancy, haha. They’re just so comfortable and it’s the one thing I strive for when I’ve got a huge belly (and my ass is huge this time round, what!). Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

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