Pregnancy Diary Week 32

April 18, 2016

Last week was a bit of a curve ball in the pregnancy. We’d been prepared for the possibility of complications due to my Polycystic Kidney Disease, but I suppose we didn’t really entertain the idea of anything else being an issue.

Least of all the possibility of the baby being breech. Which I imagine is quite possibly statistically more likely than someone of my age and good health suffering complications due to the PKD!

Anyway, last week we had the scan and they told us the baby is breech and the potential for needing a caesarean if she stays that way. We could try to turn her or have a breech birth but having spoken to our NCT leader about it, she made the very good point that if the baby doesn’t turn by herself then there may be a reason for that.

It doesn’t mean I haven’t been trying to do as much as I can to get her to turn by herself though! I spent all of Saturday’s day-long NCT class on a gym ball and I spent a good portion of time last night on the floor on all fours, with my head down and my bum in the air trying to encourage her to get her bottom out of my pelvis!

I still want to do hypnobirthing classes too, so I can be prepared if the baby does turn and we do have a natural birth, and I’ve heard they can still be useful even with a caesarean.

In other news, we’ve had another evening session and a whole day session of NCT classes. I’ll probably write more about them later in the week but for now I’ll just say that we’re feeling more prepared for the baby’s arrival and I think we’re making some good friends.

Speaking of feeling more prepared, we saw our lovely friends at the weekend and they have kindly lent us a huge amount of stuff that they used with their little boy when he was born, including a swing seat, beanbag, baby bath, sling and other useful things for me, including a breast pump and a tens machine. We’re so grateful to them as it means we don’t have as much to buy and can try things out and see how we get on with them – we might buy our own of some things but at least we’ve been able to borrow them and give them a go first.

They also gave us a gorgeous little bag of goodies for the birth and early days, including things like jelly babies and eye cream! We’re feeling very lucky to have such kind and thoughtful friends.

Did you have a caesarean birth? Did you find hypnobirthing useful for it? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this or anything else in the comments.

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6 responses to “Pregnancy Diary Week 32”

  1. Kaye says:

    What a lovely bag of goodies, that’s so thoughtful, jelly babies are a must! Sorry to hear about baby being breech but as you say, there could be a good reason. I’ll have to keep those positions in mind if my little monkey decides to go right way up too! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  2. Helena says:

    Yes I had a caesarean with my first born due to various complications . I did not know hypnobirthing was good for both types of delivery.

    It’s also great that you’ve been able to borrow things for the little one. Both hubby and I are first born so were never able to do that. #MarvMondays

    • Jules says:

      Hubby is an only child and my brothers are much older so they had children years ago – fortunately our good friends have helped us hugely by being able to lend us things. I’m interested to hear more about hypnobirthing and will see how it goes!

  3. Hi I had an unexpected c section and I was terrified not going to lie, but in fact it was absolutely fine I have recovered really well . My tip is to keep moving so you don’t seize up that’s when it can be painful . Having to stay in hospital for two days it was nice to have that time alone to bond with my daughter . Good luck and what ever happens you will be fine X

    • Jules says:

      Thanks for sharing – I’m glad you had a positive experience with a c-section. I’m just going to wait and see what happens but will do whatever is safest for both myself and the baby x

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