Pregnancy Diary Week 34

May 2, 2016

The last week of my pregnancy has been all about the growth scan and the position of baby. As you may know, she’s presented as breech on scans at weeks 28 and 32, and at the 32 week scan it was suggested that we consider a caesarean if she’s still breech at 36 weeks. Added to that, the position of the baby at the 32 week scan meant that the sonographer wasn’t able to measure much and as a result, the baby measured small, triggering a growth scan at week 34, which we had on Tuesday.

Fortunately, she was measuring fine, but was still breech, which means we had more detailed conversation with the consultant obstetrician about what would happen if she was still breech at 36 weeks. We have decided we will opt for an elective caesarean if this is the case. I’m still hoping she might turn though! On a related note, we’ve had our first hypnobirthing session this weekend, which I’ll write about more later in the week!

The latter part of the week was pretty busy as I worked two consecutive days. I feel like a right wuss complaining about working for a mere two days but my gosh, it really took it out of me! Everything hurt! Especially my back and the top of my bump (apparently the latter is to do with the baby being breech). I think it’s all the crouching and standing that teachers do. I was sad though to leave the school I was at on Thursday, as I won’t be working there again before I start my maternity leave in two weeks’ time. I’ve really enjoyed working there and have got to know some of the children as I’ve taught some classes a few times. The staff are a really lovely bunch too!

I know my body is telling me that I need to slow down now though, so I took a bit of a rest day on Friday and stayed at home. Unable to sit and do nothing, I decided to start washing some of the baby things we’ve bought, ready for baby’s arrival (and so I can pack my hospital bag – nope, I still haven’t done it! Argh!). I just can’t get over how small everything is! And it feels so surreal to think there will be an actual person in them soon.

I’ve also been trying to battle the cramp I’ve been experiencing in my calves most nights. My sleep is fairly disrupted now anyway by frequent trips to the toilet, but I could do without leaping out of bed in pain two or three times per night! The lovely people of Twitter suggested tonic water or a banana before bed. I’ve tried both with mixed results. Both seem to work better when accompanied by a good leg rub from hubby! Have you got any good suggestions for keeping leg cramp at bay? I’d love to hear them.

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  1. Hi lovely, what a week! I’ve been battling with the awful leg cramps in the middle of the night too (not sure if you were one of the lovelies that shared some tips when I tweeted about it earlier this week) but the consensus seemed to be bananas, tonic water and magnesium supplements! I’ll have to pick some up this weekend and give them a go, anything to stop these tortourous cramps 🙁 Fingers cross the little one turns themselves in time, you still have a few weeks to go so anything can happen. We’re definitely on the count down to maternity leave now 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily

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