Pregnancy Diary Week 35

May 9, 2016

This week we’ve spent getting a little bit more prepared for the arrival of baby, following the news last weekend that one of our NCT friends, due mere days before us, had their baby five weeks early! This certainly sharpened our focus that there’s not long to go; especially for hubby who I don’t think I’ve ever seen so panicked!

Fortunately all seems to be going well for our friends despite their surprise early arrival. It has been good for us to realise that we need to be a bit more motivated in terms of being ready; we have most of the ‘stuff’, it’s just not organised properly.

On Tuesday we had another IKEA delivery of a small storage unit for the nursery and a tall bookcase for the spare bedroom, as we just had so many books the half height bookcase we had simply wasn’t cutting it!

Also on Tuesday the Health Visitor came to introduce herself and the service they offer. I really had no idea what to expect and I’m sure, like me, you’ve heard lots of horror stories about Health Visitors pushing their own opinion of what is ‘right’ and generally making new mothers feel wholly inadequate. I think I came over a little more aggressively than I meant to, as she told me that I could refuse the service if I wanted to! Whoops! She did say, though, that she herself had become a Health Visitor after her own HV had treated her in just the way I had described. So I think she knew where I was coming from!

We had a good chat though and I felt really encouraged as the conversation continued as everything she said, she supported with research which made me feel as though she was coming from a considered approach rather than an ‘I’ve been doing this for years and I know best’ point of view. I told her about my worries around breastfeeding and my friend’s wedding and she was really positive. She politely disagreed with what the breastfeeding counsellor had told me, and even offered to make an additional appointment with me at around 3-4 weeks to help me to introduce a bottle, which we can make nearer the time if breastfeeding is working out for me. Hopefully I’ve found the practical support I was looking for!

On Sunday we had our second hypnobirthing session (more about that later in the week) and then we finally packed mine and hubby’s hospital bags. I’m hoping to get a changing bag soon so that I can use that as baby’s hospital bag. In the meantime if anything happens we’ll just have to shove it all in a carrier bag!! Oh the shame! I doubt I’ll be that bothered when I’m dealing with the business of birthing though…

How was your experience with your Health Visitor? Was I right to be sceptical or have you had a lovely, supportive relationship with yours?

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9 responses to “Pregnancy Diary Week 35”

  1. Kate says:

    My HV is lovely but I’ve only seen her once – I love that they come and introduce themselves beforehand in your area. They don’t do that here. It’s a shame we are so at the mercy of whether the individual HV has an agenda or not. It sounds like you’ve got a good’un.

    By the way, my bub is now five weeks and I’m exclusively breastfeeding but I gave him a bottle at 4 days with expressed milk in it and he’s been totally fine so b**** to the six week rule. I think you’ll get a sense from your baby – if suckling/latching isn’t an issue then swapping from breast and bottle is unlikely to be. If latching is an issue then you’ll be more focused on that anyway and getting that sorted.

    Looking back, my NCT breastfeeding session was supremely unhelpful. Breastfeeding hurts. I hate that they tell us it doesn’t because the first couple of weeks do because it’s new and nipples are sensitive and aren’t used to having a Hoover attached to them! But it gets better and stops hurting – I spent the first couple of weeks convinced I was doing everything wrong because it was hurting despite every midwife I spoke to saying it was fine.

    • Jules says:

      Oh bless you! Thank you for your honesty – I will try to persevere through the discomfort! x

      • Kate says:

        Yes it’s def worth it if you can get it working – at 3am it’s the easier (read: lazier) choice when compared with formula feeding. 😉

  2. BecomeMum says:

    Sounds like everything is coming along! My health visitors were great, but I had specialists for my mental health conditions. It sounds like you are getting some great practical support too which is great. #marvmondays

    • Jules says:

      Glad to hear not all health visitors get a bad press! I suppose you only hear about the negative experiences.

  3. How lovely that you get a visit to introduce you! That’s not something that’s offered where I am, and I have to admit that my experience of our health visitor team has been that they’re pretty useless. Yours does sound lovely though, which is really promising! I agree with yours on the bottle issue actually – we started trying to introduce one at around 5 weeks I think, and although it took a long time for him to accept the bottle, it didn’t interfere with breastfeeding at all. I appreciate that my experience might not be the same as other people’s, but wanted to give you an encouraging experience!

    • Jules says:

      Thank you, I really appreciate it! I agree, it was nice being able to meet her before being sleep deprived and emotional! x

  4. What a lovely HV. It sounds like shes really supportive and has the right approach. I think its great that they come out to you before baby is born in your area. We dont seem to have that here which is a shame as lots of people seem to have it in theirs. It sounds like you guys are almost there with the preparations now, very exciting indeed! Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays as always 🙂 Emily

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