Pregnancy Diary Week 8

December 27, 2015

So I got my scan appointment letter through this week. I was expecting the scan to be for around 24th November as that’s when I’ll be 12 weeks, but no such luck, it’s on 1st December; another five weeks away!

I had my flu jab yesterday and casually mentioned it to the nurse in the hope that she’d say, “oh no, you really ought to have it before then” but of course she didn’t!

I appreciate you’ll be reading this after I’ve had my scan due to hubby’s insistence that we wait to reveal, but I just thought I’d tell you so that anyone else planning any casual underhand tactics to sneakily move their scan date forward knows not to bother! I suppose this is the NHS, and I am still very grateful for it, despite being so impatient!

This week, I’ve found that the nausea has pretty much disappeared, probably because the retching of last week was more down to anxiety than pregnancy. I’ve been a lot more relaxed this week. It’s been half term and we had a lovely few days away in Eastbourne along with a trip to Hever Castle on the way back.

I buckled at the weekend and bought a pair of maternity jeans as my jeans were getting unbearably tight – I wore them the whole time we were away but think it was mostly down to bloating; my tummy seems to have calmed down a bit now and i can fit into one pair of my ‘normal’ jeans. I’ve ordered a pair of maternity trousers for work from Next as my work trousers were frankly painful by the end of the day – but again I think this is more down to bloating.

The only thing I’m worrying about just now (because there has to be something, doesn’t there?!) is how long I’m going to be able to keep this quiet for! Friends know we are trying and I’m hating being noncommittal when they ask how things are going. Sorry guys!

PD week 8

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