Preparing for Baby – Clearing and Sorting!

January 27, 2016

When I say preparing for baby, I don’t mean all the lovely things like shopping for baby clothes, prams and cots. I mean hardcore sorting. Actually physically making space for another person in the house. I’m not entirely sure how the two of us have managed to fill every cupboard, inch of storage space, and in some cases, floor space *cough*study*cough* in a three bedroom house, but it would appear that we have. And please don’t suggest we shove it in the garage, because that’s full too. Again, no idea how this happened! We’ve only lived here for two years!

I think it may have something to do with the fact that I moved eight years’ worth of teaching resources into our study when I left my permanent job – I was lucky enough to have a large cupboard in most of the classrooms that I worked in which resulted in me becoming a bit of a teaching resource hoarder – something I’m sure other teachers can relate to!

Unfortunately, my husband is also a bit of a hoarder. I joke with him that if he lived alone he’d end up like one of those poor people who have to crawl through their front door because they have stacks of things all piled up everywhere! He’s very much a believer in the phrases ‘just in case’ and ‘it might be useful one day’!

Anyway, the time has come to sort it all out (I don’t dare leave it any later to start as I reckon it’ll take most of the remaining months of this pregnancy to get through!). I’ve already spent several days sorting through one set of folders in the study (approximately one fifth of the amount of stuff I have!) and have reduced them by more than half, so I am hopeful for our future tidiness!

At the weekend, I forced hubby to start clearing out some of his old clothes (I swear this man has more clothes than I do!), I tackled some of mine too and between us we managed to produce six large bags of clothes to get rid of. Hubby still has far more to clothes to sort but given that he agreed to part with his old collection of ties (But wide ties might be back in fashion one day! No, they really won’t, and definitely not those wide ties!) I felt I had pushed him far enough for one weekend!

Most of the clothes I have given to my mum to sort between a charity her friend collects clothes for and the church jumble. We also took a bag of clothes to H&M. They give you a £5 voucher, redeemable against any purchase over £30, for each bag of old clothes you recycle with them. Top tip there!

I’ll admit that haven’t read the book, but I tried to apply the KonMari principle of ‘does it bring you joy?’ when sorting my wardrobe. I must admit to being almost as guilty as my husband when it comes to clothes, and far too many things had been kept for years because ‘I might want to wear them one day’. Well, they’re gone! I’ve realised that even if there might come an occasion where I could wear those items, I’m more likely to go out and buy something else because I simply don’t want to. And therein lies the difference!

Are you sorting your house/spare room ready for a new arrival? I’d love to hear any of your top sorting tips!

Preparing for baby

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4 responses to “Preparing for Baby – Clearing and Sorting!”

  1. Emma says:

    Well done on the sorting! It is a job that we try to do at least once a year. I really need to have a sort through the kids’s toys but I keep putting that one off. #bloggersclub

  2. Those big clean outs are a torture. But when they are all done it’s the best feeling! I love to declutter. My tip would be to use black bags – put things in that you don’t want & close the bag. Don’t re-open the bag just straight out the door. If you have different piles to be made then label the bags for rubbish / charity etc. Good luck lovely! Thanks so much for joining us for the #BloggerClubUK linky x

    • Jules says:

      Good tip! My biggest battle is my mother because she always goes through it all and says, ‘oh I like that!’ and ‘that might be useful one day!’ No! Just chuck it!! Thank you for hosting x

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