Preparing for baby – transforming the study

March 30, 2016

I’ve mentioned recently that we’ve got the decorators in this week, repainting our hallway and landing as it’s the only part of the house when we didn’t move in a couple of years ago. We’ve got three floors so it’s a big, awkward job that as complete amateurs we wouldn’t dare tackle ourselves! We had originally planned to get a professional in to do it when we first moved in, but we just couldn’t justify the cost at the time.

It’s more a case of ‘now or never’ though, and the previous occupants had left the walls in such grubby condition that I couldn’t bear to leave it any longer!

Anyway, given that we’re having all this decorating done this week, we needed to get our bums in gear and sort out turning the spare room (opposite ours) into the nursery and the study (on the middle floor) into the spare room. Given that this involves moving a double bed from one floor to another, we thought we’d better do it before the hallway was freshly painted (and just as well too, as hubby managed to take a small chunk out of the wall in the process!).

Other than a bit of furniture moving, it sounds pretty straightforward, right? Wrong! Not when your study looks like this:IMG_5953

Oh, the shame! Although most of the mess on the floor is around eight years’ worth of teaching-related stuff that I brought home from school after leaving teaching, so it all got dumped in there! I took this photo last November too, before I started to sort out anything at all (I wanted something to look back at so that I could see I was making progress, even though it was still a mess!). I’d managed to sort all of my paper resources but the general mess was still there, mixed in with a significant amount of hubby’s hoarded stuff!

After what’s felt like a really long school term for hubby, Easter weekend was the first real opportunity to get stuck in (and I think the deadline of the decorator showing up on Tuesday helped too!).

Anyway, we managed to turn the above tip, into this:

thumb_IMG_6583_1024So much better, I think you’ll agree! We’re not entirely there (there’s still an overloaded bookcase just out of shot – I think we’re going to need a taller one!) but it’s such an improvement and, importantly, the nursery is now empty of furniture before hubby starts painting. I must remember to take some ‘before’ photos in the morning so that I can  show you the transformation there.

In addition to throwing out most of the contents of our study (we put all the must-keep stuff in a built-in wardrobe in the new spare room, which you can’t see in the above photo) hubby has also emptied out the old spare room of all of his clothes (he hoards clothes too, he has far more than me!) and given loads to charity and we’ve better organised the storage in our bedroom to fit everything in there. I’m quite good at chucking stuff out too so we’re feeling a lot lighter now and better for it!

Hubby was on such a roll he even ventured into the garage and got rid of most of the books and magazines he has needlessly kept for years. 1993 soccer annual anyone?!

Have you had to do any major clearing out to prepare for a new baby? How did you do it? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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21 responses to “Preparing for baby – transforming the study”

  1. Good work on a miraculous transformation, looking forward to seeing the Nursery when it’s done x

    • Jules says:

      Thank you! Can’t wait for the nursery to be done – looking forward to getting bits and bobs to make it perfect! x

  2. While it’s annoying and painful getting these things done. The sense of achievement at the end is great! x #BlogClubUK

    • Jules says:

      Great isn’t it?! Hubby is so proud of himself for taking the bed apart and successfully putting it back together again (he is very much not a natural at anything DIY!) x

  3. Hannah says:

    My advice is just be ruthless, get rid of loads of stuff and then have a kind of purgatory for the stuff you know you shouldn’t keep but are struggling to part with then after a few days dump/donate it too! Looking forward to seeing the nursery 🙂

    • Jules says:

      Haha yes fortunately I have been sorting my teaching stuff for months so it has gone in ‘phases’ – a good idea! I think I’ve become less attached to it over time x

  4. Wow you did great with transforming the study, the room looks great. Can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with the nursery x

  5. If I had a pound for every time we’ve transformed a room in our house, well we’d live in a bigger one! I actually like changing the house around maybe I’m weird :/

    • Jules says:

      It’s far too much hassle – I don’t think either of us have the impetus to do it very often! It is exciting knowing that we’re getting ready for the baby though.

  6. How exciting. I must admit I like decorating and planning things especially if it’s a nursery. Can’t wait to see the finished product 😉

    • Jules says:

      We’re still deciding the finer details of the nursery but the colour is on the walls and looking lovely! It’s getting exciting! x

  7. How exciting! I’m a decorating fiend – I love it! H x

  8. We turned our “study” into our little mans bedroom just before he was born, he’s two now and we were just commenting the other day about what a lovely room it is now full of warmth and life compared to how cold and messy it used to be. It’s so much fun to turn an unloved room into something so wonderful, best of luck with your nursery! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

    • Jules says:

      Thank you! I stupidly forgot to take ‘before’ photos but will be sure to share pics once it’s finished!

  9. Oliver says:

    Well done! You’ve done a really good job there! I’m really rubbish at parting with my own stuff… I just can’t do it.

    Oliver •

  10. Silly Mummy says:

    I hate sorting, reorganising, moving, decorating! Your new spare room looks really good – well done! We moved into our house a few weeks before having our first so nursery was set up from scratch with other rooms. As we now have two, we did turn spare room into a room for the older toddler a couple of years later. Good luck with the nursery decorating!

    • Jules says:

      Yes I imagine the room may well be repurposed again in a couple of years! Thank you, I’m quite excited to see how it will turn out!

  11. Ha ha I love your last question as all through the post I was thinking this is us! Before Monkey was born we carpeted the whole house (apart from our room), papered the hallway and landing, decorated and brought new furniture for the lounge including reinstalling a fire place, had an orangery added to the back and decorated the spare room. So 4 years later with about 8 weeks to go to bubba 2 makes an arrival Hubby decided we needed decorate our bedroom so we papered it in exactly the same paper as our spare room, moved the furniture (got rid of our old furniture and 8 bin liners of clothes) stripped the spare room and painted it for Monkey. We now need to wait for the furniture and re house things from the spare room. Move Monkey and the I can clean and revamp the nursery oh and we have 4 weeks left! I’m not sure why having a new baby seems to make us do these things. Thankfully we’ve left the bathroom and kitchen alone… :). Think you did amazing with the study – that’s my first job when mat leave kicks in. Good luck with the other preparations Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you next week xx

    • Jules says:

      Wow it sounds like you’re attempting far more than us!! I hope it all goes smoothly and baby doesn’t make a sneaky early arrival before it’s all finished! xx

  12. Vai Chin says:

    The transformation you have achieved is looking fab. We had to wait two house moves before we got our first real baby’s room.

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