Pumpkin Picking at Hill Farm, Horstead, Norfolk.

October 9, 2019

Pumpkin picking has to be my absolute favourite autumn activity. We are so lucky to have such a beautiful pumpkin patch just 15 minutes outside Norwich, at Hill Farm, Horstead.

As soon as I mentioned to M that we might go pumpkin picking this week, she was keen! This was our third year visiting the pumpkin patch at Hill Farm, and it’s very much become a tradition. Who doesn’t love a bit of pumpkin spam?!

M and B looking at the pumpkins at Hill Farm, Norfolk.

M had two main priorities while we were at the pumpkin patch. Firstly, to find the biggest and best pumpkin possible to bring home with us, and secondly to find a wheelbarrow to sit in! She also loved spotting the tractor that was in the field, as well as the big hay bale spider, which is always a feature in Hill Farm’s pumpkin field.

B enjoyed exploring the pumpkin patch too, although it isn’t ideal for small children who are unsteady on their feet, as there are lots of trip hazards. Fortunately, B is a hardy little thing and took it all in her stride as M showed her how to dust herself off. I think she found sitting on a pumpkin, most novel!

M bending down to look at a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch, Norfolk.

We spent around half an hour playing in the pumpkin patch, with the girls comparing the pumpkins and trying to decided which ones were the best size and shape. Of course, they also sat in the wheelbarrow, as per M’s request! I’m not sure B was that taken with it, but it certainly made M happy!

M and B in a wheelbarrow at the pumpkin patch.

Whenever we visit Hill Farm pumpkin patch, we always seem to strike it lucky with the weather. Yesterday was no exception. Despite it being overcast on the drive there, the sun came out almost as soon as we stepped foot into the pumpkin field, and we were able to enjoy beautiful blue skies, and the warmth of the sun. Such an early-autumn treat!

M and B walking across the pumpkin field at Horstead.

An added bonus for me is that I like the excuse to be able to visit the farm shop at Hill Farm, which always has the most beautiful range of fresh fruits and vegetables on offer. This time, we bought some gorgeous plums which I made into the most delicious crumble. I wish I’d bought more, now!

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