Reflecting on 2016

December 31, 2016

Well, our neighbours have started setting off fireworks (is there anything more annoying? Or is it just me?) and I’ve settled down on the sofa with a bottle of Schloer (white grape; I’m so rock and roll) so I thought I’d reflect on what 2016 has been to me.

Obviously I’ve experienced a lot of change this past year; becoming a parent has caused me to completely redefine myself as a person. I mean, obviously I’m still me, still overthinking things as much as I ever did (or possibly even more, when I have time) but how I look at the world seems to have shifted slightly. I can’t explain it.

Sometimes it’s silly things. Like for example the other night hubby and I went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday, leaving LIttle M at home with my parents for the evening. I insisted on taking the Kuga rather than the Fiesta, as I thought we’d stand a better chance of survival in that just in case we slid off the road on some ice. I mean really, what is all that about?! But it just seemed like a sensible thing to do as I don’t want Little M to end up a orphan before she’s even one. I know, I’m weird. And digressing.

This time last year I was feeling grateful that 2015 had brought me a wonderful wedding and a pregnancy, but I was still in that not-quite-pregnant-enough-to-be-confident-it’s-all-okay stage of pregnancy (although having got to the end of said pregnancy I’m not pretty sure that the whole of pregnancy can be classified as such!). I was wondering what on earth life would be like with a baby in it.

Well, truth be told, it’s pretty good! So much so that I’m hoping that when I’m reflecting on 2017 this time next year, there might be another baby on the way. It’s really important to hubby and I  that Little M has a sibling and my Polycystic Kidney Disease means that I can’t afford to hang around really, as far as another pregnancy is concerned.

With regard to the blog, I’m so pleased with how it is progressing. But more than the ‘stuff’, the amazing opportunities we’ve had and the gorgeous products that Little M probably wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for this blog (which of course I’m immensely grateful for), I’m grateful for the friendships I’ve formed through this blog; the amazing network of mothers who at times I would simply be lost without.

So to them, and to you, I wish you a very Happy New Year and a wonderful 2017. I hope you’ll join me for the journey.

Warm wishes,

Jules xx

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