Pondering Playtime // Room on the Broom Halloween Tuff Spot

October 12, 2018

Welcome back to Pondering Playtime, my fortnightly series where I share a favourite picture book and a craft or play activity to go with it. This week, I’ve chosen .


Room On The Broom Halloween Tuff Spot - A tuff tray filled with red split lentils, plastic creepy crawlies, a witch's cauldron and sensory scarves 'fire'.

Room on the Broom – What’s the Story?


Room on the Broom is about a witch and her cat who take a ride together on her broomstick, losing items such as her hat at the bow from her hair along the way. As they look her the missing things, they meet new characters – and there’s always room on the broom! Until…there isn’t, and the broom breaks, putting the witch in danger. Can her new friends help her out of a sticky situation and find a new way to travel together?


Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson

Room on the Broom – Halloween Tuff Spot


As Halloween is coming up, I decided to make the witch’s cauldron the focus of this sensory activity. I used pink and orange sensory scarves to make a ‘fire’, and surrounded it with red split lentils. A few creepy crawlies from the pound shop completed the effect. I then added the kitchen utensils from our IKEA play kitchen, including the tongs to encourage M’s pincer grip, ready for holding a pencil later on!


Activities for Encouraging Pencil Grip - M holding a small plastic toy mouse and plastic tongs.


You will need:



Room on the Broom Tuff Spot - M scooping red split lentils into a plastic cauldron

M reaching into a plastic cauldron over a 'fire' of sensory scarves.


Room on the Broom Halloween Tuff Spot – What M thought


Room on the Broom is one of the first books that we bought for M, so it’s a story that she’s always known and enjoyed. M also enjoys the BBC television adaptation of Room on the Broom, which we have saved on our TV box, so she knows the story well and enjoyed pretending to be the witch, putting things into her cauldron. There was a lot of “Iggetty, ziggetty, zaggetty, ZOOM!” going on!


While M enjoyed looking at the pretend creepy crawlies and trying to pick them up with her tongs, she was far more interested in the cauldron and lentils. M is really into pouring at the moment, so she loved scooping lentils into the cauldron, then pouring them back into the tuff spot. She also enjoyed playing ‘I Can Cook’, mixing and whisking the lentils in the pot.

Once M discovered the sensory scarves, she enjoyed swirling them around and dancing with them, so she really made the most of all aspects of the tuff spot! I love watching her and seeing where her imagination will take her.



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Room On The Broom Halloween Tuff Spot


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