Ponderings on Two – Advice from A Farm and a Baby

September 12, 2018

Welcome to my new guest post series, Ponderings on Two, where I ask a different blogger and parent of more than one child, to share their experience of having a second child. This week, we hear from Stephanie, who writes her blog, A Farm and a Baby.

Tell me a bit about yourself, your family and your blog.

I am a 29 year old, NICU nurse from Berkshire. I started my blog during my second pregnancy following my 20 week scan, we found out that my son had 6 toes. I found it a brilliant way to process my thoughts, feelings, worries and fears.


Stephanie and her children


What age gap did you have between your first and second children? What’s their relationship like?

 2 years and 2 weeks. My daughter, now two, absolutely adores her brother (5 months), she likes to hold him, give him kisses, try and feed him. She sometimes gets a bit jealous, but on the whole she has taken to the change really well.

What was the hardest thing about having a second child?

 Splitting your time! I have breastfed my son and initially it was really hard to put him down and spend time with my daughter. Over time it has got easier but I still struggle not having ‘girl time’.

What was the best thing about having a second child?

The love. There just seems to be so much of it flying around. The bond they seem to have already is beautiful, and I am hopeful it will keep being this strong.


Were there any products that made life with an older sibling and a newborn easier?

My Liberty wrap sling – I was able to settle my son and spend time with my daughter.
iPad – I hate to say it, but on a cluster feeding day my daughter would get really irritated that I couldn’t spend time with just her. So I used to put pepper pig on the iPad and we would sit on the sofa together whilst I breastfed.

What’s the best piece of advice you could give someone expecting their second baby?

Don’t worry about the tantrums that will probably occur from your older sibling – they do pass and it does get easier.


Thank you, Stephanie. You can find Stephanie over on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Second Baby Advice From A Farm And A Baby

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