Ponderings on Two – Advice from Georgina Clarke

August 8, 2018

Welcome to my new guest post series, Ponderings on Two, where I ask a different blogger and parent of more than one child, to share their experience of having a second child. This week, we hear from Georgina Clarke.

Tell me a bit about yourself, your family and your blog.

Hiya! I’m Georgina. 26 year old mum to two under two. I have Rory who is 20 months old, and Elin who is 4 months old. I’ve been married for just shy of four years.

When I’m not chasing a toddler or sniffing my baby’s head (that smell though!) I like to have toilet breaks in peace, binge watch Teen Mom and eat Chinese food in bed.

Georgina Clarke

What age gap did you have between your first and second children? What’s their relationship like?

My two have 16 months between them almost to the day! They’re both still little so they don’t really notice one another yet. Elin finds her brother quite amusing and Rory finds her quite annoying because she cries and needs feeding when he wants to play!

For me though, I love the age gap and I’m excited to see how their bond develops!

What was the hardest thing about having a second child?

I was really shocked by just how much it impacted my relationship with my firstborn. When I first saw him again after having Elin, he didn’t feel the same! I didn’t feel like I knew him anymore.

I make quite clingy babies so it’s been hard on him as he finds it hard to get a look in, but as Elin gets older and settles more, things are getting so much better!

What was the best thing about having a second child?

That you have two! When you’re pregnant with your second, you can’t even picture the fact that you’re going to love something as much as you love your first baby and it’s such a gift when your heart just doubles!

Were there any products that made life with an older sibling and a newborn easier?

A baby sling! Both babies basically lived in them for the first few months of their lives but it’s doubly handy when you already have a child to look after!

What’s the best piece of advice you could give someone expecting their second baby?

Make the most of having just one child while you can. Soak them up.

Declutter the house so the housework doesn’t get too overwhelming when you have double trouble on the children front.

Don’t panic!! It’s going to be fine. Promise.

Thank you, Georgina!

Advice from Georgina Clarke on parenting two under two.

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