Ponderings on Two – Advice from Mummy in Training

June 6, 2018

Welcome back to my guest post series, Ponderings on Two, where I ask a different blogger and parent of more than one child, to share their experience of having a second child. This week, we hear from Rachel from Mummy in Training.

Tell me a bit about yourself, your family and your blog.

I am Rachel, mummy to a 5 year old boy and a 1 year old girl and wife to G. We have had our testing times as a family and that’s what I blog about at www.mummyintraining.co.uk. I share what it is like to be a mummy with anxiety, our experiences with having a premature baby and a still birth too. My other passion is children’s books so I like to share recommendations too.

What age gap did you have between your first and second children? What’s their relationship like?

There is 3 years and 9 months between the children. They have a lovely relationship most of the time although now the little lady is on the move she is starting to annoy her big brother a bit more! Our little man is hugely protective of his sister and she thinks he is just amazing. She wants to do whatever he is doing all the time!

What was the hardest thing about having a second child?

I think the hardest thing was dividing my attention between the two of them. Little lady was 11 weeks early so she didn’t leave hospital until she was 9 weeks old. It was tough making sure that Little Man had everything he needed and felt loved alongside the daily hospital visits. Once she was home it was easier and Little Man was a great little helper but I think as mums we always worry that we are giving both children enough of our attention especially when the baby is so small and needs so much.

What was the best thing about having a second child?

It was being able to give Little Man a sibling. I am an only child and I really wanted to be able to give him a brother or sister. Watching them develop a bond is wonderful.

Were there any products that made life with an older sibling and a newborn easier?

Definitely a bouncer. I found a baby bouncer useful first time round but this time it was invaluable. Being able to tuck her into her little chair, have her close so she was happy but have my arms free to play with Little Man really helped.

What’s the best piece of advice you could give someone expecting their second baby?

Remember that you know more second time around. Although having a second one comes with its own hills to climb, you don’t have the worries of a first time mum. You know how to prep the bottles, change the nappies and some of the tricks of the mum trade. Also, don’t give yourself a hard time in the early days. Take your time to find a new routine that works for all of you. It will fall into place.

Thank you Rachel! You can find Rachel over on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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