The Conundrum of your Second Child’s First Christmas

December 14, 2018

I’m very fortunate in that as well as a wonderful community of followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to show solidarity when I’m musing over various situations that come from having two children less than two years apart, I also have several ‘real life’ friends with a similar age gap between their two children.

B with the Christmas lights

Quite often I find myself wondering about various things, and it’s only once I chat to these lovely mums that I realise that I’m not alone in my musings. One such issue is what on Earth to do about your baby’s first Christmas, when they’re your second child. 

You might be wondering what I’m on about. Well, for M’s first Christmas, we bought her a Jumperoo. Perfect. But what do we buy for B? She already has the Jumperoo that we bought for M to play with. In fact, she already has more toys that she could possibly need, and at nine months, she doesn’t really understand the concept of Christmas.

Great! I hear you say. Just don’t buy her anything.  Well, that’s all well and good except to my mind, B needs gifts not necessarily for her benefit (although I’m sure she’ll enjoy them), but more for M’s.

You see, I think it’s important for M to see that B is receiving just as many presents as she is. I want her to understand that she and B hold equal importance to us, her grandparents and Father Christmas.

So, I’ve been trying to come up with gift ideas for B. The Christmas Eve box is easy, as they each have a pair of Christmas pyjamas and a book. But their ‘main’ presents are a lot trickier. M is easy to buy for now, as she has clear interests. B is more difficult. 

What to buy your second baby for Christmas - B helping to put decorations on the Christmas tree.

Fortunately, we haven’t bought any ‘big’ presents for M for Christmas this year anyway. She is very fortunate to have received many toys this year through blog reviews, including this toddler balance bike that we reviewed recently, which is exactly the sort of thing that we would have bought for Christmas at this age. Instead, we’ve chosen some role play type toys, books and clothes.

So, we’ll do similar for B, but instead of role play toys I’ve chosen a couple of sensory toys for her. I’ve just ordered this Lamaze donkey from Amazon* for her, as a starting point. 

Another brilliant idea that a friend of mine had, was to get her eldest child to buy a gift for her youngest, explaining that the baby would be buying her a gift in return. I thought that this was a lovely idea, and definitely something that I’ll be getting M to do. Obviously B’s gift to M will be chosen by me this year, but I thought it was a fabulous way to foster positive sibling relations!

Have you got a second (or third, or fourth?) baby to buy for this Christmas? How are you tackling the situation? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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