A Day of Firsts in Sheringham

August 11, 2017

Today we gave a little cheer at the revelation of some sunshine, and hopped in the car to Sheringham. We’ve taken Little M to the beach a couple of times before, most recently when we visited Sea Life in Great Yarmouth, but we experienced a few other firsts today!

Sheringham is quite a stony beach, with large pebbles running alongside the sea wall, then gorgeous golden sand down to the shoreline. The tide was on its way out when we arrived, so the sand was very wet. We decided to set up camp on the pebbles, then venture down to the sand to play. This was the first time Little M had played in wet sand, and she absolutely loved it! As you can see, she attempted to consume a fair bit of sand!

Sheringham beach, Norfolk

Little M also went in the sea for the first time! Hubby sat her down on the shoreline and let the waves wash over her toes. She loved it! So much so, when he took her back to me (guarding our stuff, obviously!) to dry off, then went back to the sea to wash out her toys, she started reaching out and squeaking. Then when I asked her if she wanted to go back in the sea, she gave the cutest little nod. So hubby took her back for a second go, and I took a few snaps.

Sheringham beach, Norfolk

I flipping love her little outfit; it’s from Next (a sale bargain!) and is made from swimming costume material. It blocks out the majority of harmful UV rays, and I love how it keeps her neck and shoulders well covered. Plus the rainforest animal design is perfect for summer.

Sheringham Beach, Norfolk

Gluten Free Fish and Chips in Sheringham

We also had another first. Since having to go gluten free a few years ago, I’ve been on a never-ending quest for some decent gluten free fish and chips. There are at least four chip shops in Sheringham, so there’s plenty of choice. I’ve always gone to Straits before, as all of their chips are gluten free, but they don’t do a gluten free batter; they will steam you a plain piece of fish though, if you ask nicely. To me, this is not fish and chips! So after a bit of googling, I discovered that the Sheringham Trawler offers gluten free fish and chips. As a result, we decided to give it a go today.

The verdict? It was okay. The ‘batter’ on the fish was very thin; it was more like a hard coating. Having said that, the fish itself was very tasty, so the Sheringham Trawler pips Straits to the post on that front. But what about the chips? Well, it seems that the Sheringham Trawler use beef dripping in their fryers, which as well as making everything unsuitable for vegetarians, also makes for a rather greasy, soggy chip. Straits wins hands down on the chip front.

I can’t say hubby was too impressed when I suggested that next time we’d go to the Sheringham Trawler for the fish, then pop round the corner to Straits for the chips…

Where’s your favourite place in Norfolk for gluten free fish and chips? I am yet to find the perfect place!

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